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Piercing Aftercare

1. Aftercare Products

We recommend and sell PurSan, a medical-grade antimicrobial soap designed for piercings. If purchasing from a pharmacy, you can also use a clear, unscented bar of glycerin soap.

IMPORTANT: Avoid soaps containing triclosan.

  • Allow the tea to cool enough that it will not burn you, but it is still very warm.
  • Additionally, we recommend a prepacked sterile saline solution such as NeilMed. If purchasing from a pharmacy, ensure the product is labeled “Saline Wound Wash” and contains only sodium chloride (sea salt) and water.

If mixing your own, dissolve 1⁄4 teaspoon non-iodized sea salt into one cup (8oz) warm distilled or pre-boiled water. Discard any unused portion after each use, as it can easily become contaminated.

NOTE: Stronger is not better; too much salt can irritate the piercing.

2. Cleaning Instructions

3. Special Considerations

4. What to Avoid During Initial Healing?

5. What to Expect During Healing?

6. I Think my Piercing is Infected. What Should I do?

7. What is This Bump on my Piercing? Am I Getting a Keloid?

8. How Can I Get Rid of the Bump?

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Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.

Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.