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Celestial Cubic Zirconia End in 14k Yellow Gold by Buddha Jewelry - Pierced
Threadless jewelry

Celestial CZ in 14k Yellow Gold by Buddha Jewelry

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The Celestial CZ end is a threadless decorative end by Buddha Jewelry featuring a stunning 2mm x 2mm square-cut Cubic Zirconia gem in a setting that lets the light shine through to give you that extra sparkle.


- Overall 2.8mm
- 2x2mm square-cut CZ


- 14k yellow gold
- Cubic Zirconia gem


- Threadless (or push-fit)
- Can be used universally in 18g, 16g, or 14g piercings
- Consists of two pieces; the decorative end pictured and the backing post (or barbell) that it fits into

    Suitable for:

    - Helix (Cartilage)
    - Lobe
    - Conch
    - Tragus
    - Nose (Nostril)
    - Rook
    - Forward Helix
    - Medusa (Philtrum) or Monroe
    - Lip or Labret

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