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Maria Tash Pearl Coronet Clicker in 14k Rose Gold

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The Pearl Coronet clicker by Maria Tash features a halo of full pearls surrounding a millgrain-detailed 14 karat rose gold ring. This clicker has a unique opening mechanism that places the hinge near the centre dangling pearl, to allow easier installation without damaging the pearls.


Inner diameter of 5/16" (8mm)


14k rose gold


- Secure hinge ring
- Suitable for 18g piercings
- Inner diameter should be equal to or greater than the distance from actual piercing to outer edge the ring will encircle (eg. from the hole of piercing to the outer edge of nostril or earlobe)

    Suitable for:

    - Helix (Cartilage)
    - Septum
    - Daith
    - Nose (Nostril)
    - Lobe
    - Tragus

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