Dispelling Myths About Piercing Placement & Sexuality

Dispelling Myths About Piercing Placement & Sexuality

 Every piercing shop in downtown Toronto hears thousands of customers ask every year, “is there a gay side for piercings?” Regardless of why they’re asking our answer is plain and simple, piercing location does not indicate your sexuality. Only you can do that.

We understand that there are all sorts of reasons people ask. Some people want to announce their sexual orientation to the world, others don’t want to misconstrue their image. Still, many piercers may seem annoyed if you ask. And the reason is simple, this rumour has persisted for a long time and portrays piercings as something they are not. 

This myth has been limiting for many people in their choice of piercing, and it seems to have sprung from a time when people were less accepting of other people’s sexuality.

Where Did This Myth Come From?

In a time when society was less accepting of LGBTQ+ culture, people believed that LGBTQ+ people used code to indicate their sexual orientation to each other. Most commonly this was associated with ear, eyebrow, or nose piercings.

 It’s hard to be sure if this was true as it was just as common for people to claim it was the left side as the right side.

 In the modern day, however, it is certainly not true. People should not have to feel the need to hide who they are, so the need to self-express through code is irrelevant. Instead, the persistence of this myth is a symptom of bullying and unacceptance.

What Does Piercing One Side Or The Other Mean?

For the most part, the side of the body you pierce doesn’t really have much significance. The main reason for choosing which side to pierce is aesthetics. The best way to choose a side is based on how it will look. For this approach, consider:

  • Hairstyle
  • Face Shape
  • Facial Features
  • Other Piercings

There are some old cultural reasons people may consider as well. In Hindu culture, it’s common to choose the left side for nostril piercings. And in traditional Chinese medicine the left side was considered more feminine and the right side masculine. Today, however, neither side is associated with gender. 

Get The Piercing You Love In Newmarket

When it comes to choosing a side for your piercing, the only meaning you need to look for is which side you like best. The idea of one side indicating your sexual orientation is antiquated and irrelevant in modern culture. 

Besides, your piercing is about you - not about the sort of people who make snap judgements based on your appearance. So get the piercing you love, not one to satisfy others. Get pierced today at our new location in Newmarket!

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Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.

Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.