How to wear threadless jewelry

How to wear threadless jewelry

Gone are the days when body piercing jewelry was only found in cheap (sometimes even harmful) materials. Today, there are many options for high-quality, hypoallergenic metals such as implant-grade titanium and solid 14k gold that look good and feel good. With fine solid gold jewelry on the rise, it only makes sense that you can complete your look with piercing jewelry that is up to par.

At Pierced, you can find a wide variety of solid 14k gold body jewelry and threadless flatback posts and backs. Different than common butterfly backings, threadless jewelry offers many advantages for jewelry that is meant to be worn for days, weeks, or years.

What is threadless body jewelry?

To help you understand Pierced's threadless body jewelry, it helps to know about two other common types of body jewelry: externally threaded and internally threaded.

It is standard in the piercing industry to avoid externally threaded body jewelry. They are often made from nickel-heavy metals that can cause skin reactions — even in people who don’t typically react to nickel.

Externally threaded jewelry also doesn’t smoothly pass through the piercing. When the jewelry is removed, the threads can cause trauma to the skin and let bacteria grow in the micro tears.

Internally threaded body jewelry, on the other hand, is safe for all piercings. Since the threads are inside the post/barbell, the jewelry can harmlessly pass through the piercing.

But there’s an equally safe alternative to internally threaded jewelry — one with some extra key advantages over internal threading — and which is the standard at Pierced: threadless body jewelry.

Threadless jewelry is the current leading standard for jewelry across the piercing industry. It offers a wide variety of gauge and post options, which allows for it to be worn universally across an array of piercings. Whether you want something for everyday wear, or special occasions, we have you covered! 

Unlike externally and internally threaded styles, threadless body jewelry is exactly as the name implies: it has no threads at all.

These pieces are held together via tension created when the pin of the decorative end (the part that usually has a design and is mostly worn on the front of the ear) is slightly bent and fully pressed into the tube back (in the body piercing industry, this part is typically called the flatback post). 


How to wear threadless Jewelry

“Threadless” refers to the method of connection this jewelry uses. As the name suggests - there are no threads. The decorative head has a strong pin that protrudes to fit into the post. This pin is bent by your piercer, and the tension caused by the bend of the pin within the post holds the jewelry together.

Threadless Jewelry

The more severe the bend, the tighter the decorative head is within the post. A large part of our interest with threadless jewelry is the innate safety feature it offers. If your jewelry gets caught on anything the connection should separate before skin breaks.

Since there are no threads, there is no turning required to remove it. You simply brace the post, and pull the head from it. 

Why Choose Threadless Body Jewelry?

Threadless body jewelry’s key benefits are safety, security, comfort, and ease of changing up your look. Here are the top reasons why you should choose this style:

  • Threadless jewelry is safe for ear and body piercings. The post has a high polish which is smooth, and threadless construction provides a clean, harmless pass through any piercing.
  • It keeps your jewelry secure and in place. Held by tension, threadless jewelry can’t accidentally fall out when properly worn.
  • Threadless jewelry is comfortable. Because threadless styles have a disc back, the stud rests comfortably and flatly against the skin - which also looks much better than many butterfly backs sticking out. In some piercings, such as the tragus, this means the wearer can keep using earphones.
  • You can mix and match to explore your personal style. You have endless ways to mix and match a variety of decorative tops: ball ends, trims, diamonds, gemstones, and even dangles.
  • Wearers need only one back for one piercing yet can have a variety of decorative ends. This lets them create a versatile, ready-to-wear collection.

How to Take Off Threadless Jewelry

Hold both ends of the jewelry, and pull them in opposite directions. You may need to add a slight twisting motion. And don’t do it over your bathroom sink without a plug — these pieces are very small, and you don’t want to lose your precious jewelry down the drain.

Can I wear regular jewelry with threadless posts?

It's important to mention that threadless jewelry is only compatible with threadless posts and vice-versa. You cannot take a regular earring stud post and fit it inside a Press Fit tube. They will neither fit nor bend, unlike the pin on threadless ends, which are ultra thin and moderately flexible.
Threadless posts are also best worn in piercings that use straight jewelry. We recommend wearing these in select piercings:
  • Ear lobes
  • Ear cartilage piercings (helix, forward helix, flat, tragus, anti-tragus, conch)
  • Nostrils
  • Lips

Need a replacement post?

Our posts are made of solid ASTM F-136 implant grade titanium which is long-lasting, hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. They are also polished to a mirror finish so that there aren’t any spaces for bacteria to grow and cause infections.

Flat back posts help create a clean look for your ear jewelry collection so it looks its best from every angle. They're also perfect for sleeping on your side with your jewelry on and the most comfortable to wear - say goodbye to butterfly backs catching onto things or poking you.

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