Pierced: The Best Place for Ear Piercing Near Me

Pierced: The Best Place for Ear Piercing Near Me

Many cultures worldwide embrace ear lobe piercing as a standard procedure for all genders. With a simple Google search for “ear-piercing near me,” you will likely find hundreds of results for businesses that perform the service at a low cost. However, just because many people offer piercings does not mean that just anyone can — or should — do them for you.

Most people don’t realize that piercings are a procedure that requires a safe and clean environment. That’s why at Pierced, our professional piercers all have blood-borne pathogen certifications. With years of piercing knowledge and sterile, medical-grade tools, we make sure that your piercing experience is as smooth and hygienic as possible.

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Even after you complete the procedure, taking care of your new piercing is just as important as getting it done safely. Luckily, with a little research, you can protect yourself against infections and decrease your likelihood of a negative experience. Know what to expect before you go and stay consistent with the aftercare process.

What age is best to pierce ears?

Beyond being old enough to care for a piercing, there is no ideal age to pierce ears. In some cultures, parents commonly get their infants’ ears pierced. However, it’s best to wait until a child receives their vaccinations before getting their first earrings.

At Pierced, the minimum age for ear piercing procedures is 5 years old. Children up to 14 years old must have a parent or legal guardian present during the process. We recommend waiting to pierce ears until a person can say that they experience pain. An infant or toddler may play with the piercing and cause infection or irritation.

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How long should new piercings hurt?

A new piercing may hurt for the first few days, but the pain is often minor and easily managed. It will not interfere with daily activities or sleeping. The sharpest pain that you will feel is during the process itself — as long as it is done by a professional.

The pain should not be intense to the point when it is unbearable. Expect some soreness and remember never to touch or tug at the ear. If you notice unusual swelling or extreme pain, this may be a sign of an infection. Be sure to visit a medical professional immediately.

Healing and pain also depend on the location of the earring. For example, an earlobe piercing hurts less than the conch, helix, or tragus.

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Can I take my newly pierced earrings out for an hour?

As a general rule, we don’t recommend removing your piercings for the first six weeks. Even if you want to replace the earring, do so only once your piercing heals completely.

There are two reasons why we recommend keeping your earrings secured inside the piercing. The first is to reduce the risk of infection. The more you handle your jewelry, the more likely that bacteria will seep into the hole and cause infection.

The second reason involves the natural closure of your piercing. When you pierce your ears, your body begins to heal the hole naturally. When you remove the earring from the piercing, the hole will quickly close again, especially within the first six weeks.

What jewelry should I use for my ear piercing?

We recommend the use of gold earrings when you opt for your first ear piercing. Other types of materials work well, too, such as titanium and surgical steel. In the case of gold, always make sure that the earrings are pure and not just plated. The most common types of gold earrings include:

Usually, piercings made from 14k gold or higher make the best choices. Gold is a neutral metal, and very few people are allergic to it. The different hues of gold also look great on any skin tone.

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One common myth regarding earring materials to be aware of relates to a “hypoallergenic” label. Hypoallergenic does not necessarily mean that the jewelry won’t irritate your skin, so always buy your jewelry from a reputable seller. Several brands make great gold earrings, and we sell them on Pierced! We love Junipurr Jewelry — plus BVLA, Maria Tash, and Buddha Jewelry Organics.

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Can I take out my newly pierced earrings to clean them?

Strive to keep your earrings on without removing them during the first three to six weeks after you pierce. You can clean your earrings while they remain in your ears. Professional piercing studios will stand out because of the aftercare advice they give.

Using the saline solution that your piercer provides, you can easily clean your piercing with a cotton ball. If you don’t have the saline handy, rubbing alcohol also works. You should clean your piercing every day and be diligent when it comes to keeping your hair away from the piercing at night.

If you remove your earrings and forget to replace them, the hole will close. You may have to force the stud back in, which can be painful. If you don’t wash your hands thoroughly and sterilize the earring, an infection could ruin your piercing. We don't recommend attempting to re-pierce your own ears if the hole has closed completely. It's best to come back to the shop to have it done professionally.

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At Pierced, we perform safe piercing procedures and take the time to talk to every customer before the process and get to know them. We never use guns and proudly work with single-use, hollow, tri-beveled, Teflon-coated needles.

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Our professionals are of the highest professional integrity. We care about our clients and are happy to help with any aftercare. Visit one of our Pierced locations today for a safe and fun experience. Already have a piercing? You can still shop for high-quality, beautiful jewelry from our online store.

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Working with an experienced piercer can make all the difference when it comes to your piercing experience. If you’re in the Mississauga, Ontario area and have any questions about ear piercing, body piercing or jewelry, give us a call or stop by our piercings studio today. We’d love to help walk you through what to expect and help you choose the right option.

Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.

Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.