What You Need to Know About Wearing a Conch Jewelry Hoop

What You Need to Know About Wearing a Conch Jewelry Hoop

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance and individuality to your style? Wearing a conch jewelry hoop might be the perfect choice for you! This stylish accessory, commonly worn in the conch piercing of the ear, can instantly enhance your look and make a bold fashion statement.

What is a Conch Jewelry Hoop?

A conch piercing perforates your inner ear cartilage where, as the name suggests, the ear resembles a conch shell. The location makes it highly customizable, and people insert everything from studs to barbells to clicker rings. One of the best ways to add a bold touch is with a conch jewelry hoop.

Inner and outer conch piercings can comfortably fit different types of hoop jewelry. The ring starts in the concha before wrapping over the antihelix and antihelical fold and connecting behind the ear. Here’s what you need to know to pick the best conch jewelry hoop for your ear and where to find conch ear piercing jewelry.

What kind of hoop do you need for a conch?

The hoop style dominates conch piercings. The key is finding the look and size that fits your style. Here are a couple of different kinds of hoops to consider for your piercing.

Conch Jewelry Hoop

14K Gold Seamless Rings

Nothing says class and style like 14K gold hoop earrings. Seam rings give the chic aesthetic that is perfect to both your skin tone and attire. Even a small golden hoop will capture people’s eyes and imagination when they see it in your ear.

At Pierced.co, we offer several twists on the classic aesthetic, including rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold jewelry. The variations allow you to pair your conch piercing hoop more closely to your desired appearance. That way, you can look and feel your best.

Clicker Hoops

Clicker hoops differ from other rings thanks to a clasp that snaps into place behind the ear. The hoop secures itself in place once the earring clicks with the two tines. While the jewelry provides a bold accent to your inner ear, you can also use it to decorate your septum, daith, cartilage, and nipple piercings.

Clicker rings provide a friendlier alternative to segment rings. A regular segment ring contains a removable portion that you can take in and out of place. The clicker has a hinge, which makes the entire entity a single piece, and you don’t have to worry about losing any small parts.

Captive Bead Rings

A captive bead ring features an almost complete hoop with a bead connecting the two ends. Some jewelers offer variations with gems or balls instead of beads. Remove the bead, slide the hoop through your piercing, and replace the bead once it’s firmly in place.

The style appeals to both men and women. Captive beads rings come with a sleek, modern, and almost edgy vibe. You can find hundreds of different styles ranging from gold to glass and sterling silver to stainless steel.

Alternative Hoops

Horseshoes, shields, and cuffs are more hoop-esque than hoop. They still provide a complete loop around your ear with a charming decorative flair. Horseshoe-shaped barbells are particularly dynamic, as you can repurpose them for tragus, lobe, and septum piercings.

Ready to make a splash with hoop earrings? Pierced.co can help. We offer a complete array of high-quality body jewelry from leading brands like Junipurr Jewelry, Maria Tash, BVLA, and Buddha Jewelry Organics. Learn more by checking out our conch collection today.

Our Favourite Conch Rings

What size should I get for my conch?

You can measure hoop earrings in two ways: diameter and gauge. The diameter measures the ring at its widest point. Gauge calculates the width of the metal and must correlate with your piercing’s width.

Conch piercings perforate the concha, which sits in your ear’s inner portion, so they are inherently discreet and compact. The best hoops err on the smaller side for a pleasing aesthetic and comfortable fit. Standard conch jewelry hoops have a diameter of 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch or 10 to 12 mm.

The size range provides material to fit comfortably in most conch piercings. You should use 10 to 12 mm hoops to fill daith, cartilage, or lobe piercings snugly. Make sure to select a slightly large hoop if the conch piercing sits deep in your ear.

Conch Ring

You should only go bigger if you have an unusually deep conch piercing or have a significant orbital piercing in another part of your ear. Excessively large rings can feel unwieldy otherwise. Hoops that are 14 mm and larger work better for nipple and lobe piercings.

Sizing your hoops involves the Goldilocks effect, where you don’t want to go too big, but you also don’t want to go too small. A conch jewelry hoop under 10 mm may not adequately circumnavigate your ear. The tight circle can cause pinching or straining.

The smallest hoops work with tragus, cartilage, and helix piercings. These areas allow the ring to hang gently without encumbrance. No matter what hoop size you select, you should always leave room between the hoop and skin for the optimal look and feel.

Gauge sizes come with more wiggle room than diameter sizes because they vary depending on your body. Most conch piercings are 16 to 18 gauges.

If you’re uncertain about your sizing, visit your local piercer. A professional can measure your piercings and provide recommendations that fit your needs and style. You can also find all your conch jewelry hoop and earring accessories at Pierced.

Aftercare for Conch Piercing

Proper aftercare is crucial for the healing and longevity of your conch piercing. Follow these essential steps:

  1. Cleaning routine: Gently clean your conch piercing twice a day using a saline solution or a mild saline-based cleanser recommended by your piercer.

  2. Avoid touching: Refrain from touching your piercing with unwashed hands to prevent the introduction of bacteria.

  3. Clothing considerations: Be mindful of your clothing choices, especially during the healing period, to avoid snagging the jewelry.

Styling Tips for Conch Jewelry Hoops

Now that your conch piercing is healing nicely, it's time to explore the exciting realm of styling your conch jewelry hoop. Consider the following tips:

  • Mixing and matching: Experiment with different conch jewelry hoop styles and sizes. Try combining hoops with other earring types to create a unique and trendy ear stack.

  • Gemstones and embellishments: Conch hoops adorned with gemstones or intricate details can add a touch of glamour to any outfit.

  • Ear anatomy: Pay attention to your ear's unique anatomy to determine the best placement and combination of hoops for a balanced and visually appealing look.

Maintaining Your Conch Jewelry Hoop

To keep your conch jewelry hoop in pristine condition and maintain your style, follow these maintenance tips:

Regular cleaning: Clean your conch jewelry hoop periodically using a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or a mixture of mild soap and warm water. Gently scrub with a soft brush, rinse thoroughly, and dry carefully.

Storage: Store your conch jewelry hoop in a clean and dry container to prevent scratching or damage. Consider using separate compartments to avoid tangling with other jewelry pieces.


Wearing a conch jewelry hoop is a fantastic way to express your style and individuality. With the guidance provided by Pierced in this comprehensive guide, you now have the knowledge to choose, wear, and maintain your conch jewelry hoop confidently. Remember to prioritize proper aftercare and consult professionals for any concerns. So, go ahead and embrace this stylish trend, showcasing your unique personality with pride!

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