The Ultimate Guide to Nose Piercing for Men: Tips, Styles, and Care

The Ultimate Guide to Nose Piercing for Men: Tips, Styles, and Care

Nose piercing has been a cultural and personal expression for centuries, and it has evolved to include various styles and designs. In recent years, nose piercing for men has gained significant popularity as a form of self-expression, allowing individuals to showcase their unique style. If you're considering a nose piercing, this comprehensive guide will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and ensure a safe and stylish experience. We'll explore different styles and address common concerns to help you navigate your nose piercing journey.

Why Nose Piercing for Men is Trending

Nose piercing has transcended gender norms, with more men embracing this form of body modification. Here are some reasons why nose piercing for men has become increasingly popular:

Fashion Forward: Nose piercings add a unique touch to a man's appearance, allowing them to express their individuality and style.

Cultural and Historical Significance: Nose piercing has deep roots in various cultures, symbolizing rites of passage, spirituality, and social status.

Breaking Stereotypes: Men wearing nose piercings challenge traditional gender norms, showcasing their confidence and open-mindedness.

Nostril Piercing Man

Which side should guys get their nose pierced?

In some cultures, like India, women get piercings on their left nostril. This preference is due to the belief that the piercing strengthens the womb and makes it easier for a woman to give birth. However, in most other places, it makes no difference which side of your nose you pierce as long as you like the way it looks. Most people have a preference simply because they feel the nose piercing looks better on one side of their face.

You can use photo editing software to see whether the jewelry looks better on your left or right nostril. Regardless, your piercing location is a personal decision. Your opinion matters most when it comes to where you pierce your nose.

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What are the most common places to pierce the nose?

One misconception about nose piercings is that there are only a few styles. Nose rings are as diverse as any piercing, and the jewelry can decorate a surprising number of places. The most popular places to get a nose piercing include:

The nostril is quite versatile and is perfect for hoops, rings, bead rings, L-shape, nostril screws, and nose bones.
High nostril:
This piercing is on top of the fleshy side of the nose and works with nose bones, screws, studs, and L-shape pins.
This part is between the left and right nostrils. The best jewelry styles for it are the circular barbell and the captive bead ring.
Piercings for the bridge don't involve puncturing bone or cartilage and are an excellent option for men. The best styles for it include circular barbell jewelry and the curved barbell.
Vertical tip:
Although not as popular as the other options, vertical tips are unique and stylish and involve a curved barbell that starts at the tip of the nose to the bottom.
This complicated style involves three points of penetration — both sides of the nostrils and the septum.

Our Favourite Septum Piercing Jewelry

The placement of your nose ring is up to you. Most of these styles have a standard healing time of three to six weeks and don't require extensive care. We also recommend going with threadless jewelry, which adjusts to your nose instead of the push-on style that can fit loosely.

What type of nose piercing jewelry should I wear?

The type of nose jewelry you choose depends on where your piercing is and the material you choose. For example, what looks good on a nostril may not work as well on your septum or bridge. Always purchase jewelry from a source you trust.

At Pierced, we only work with ethical brands that manufacture high-grade jewelry, like Junipurr Jewelry, Buddha Jewelry Organics, and BVLA. When possible, we recommend gold body jewelry that is 14k and above. Gold is less likely to cause infections or irritate the skin, especially if it does not contain impurities.

Male Septum Piercing

Our professional piercers can help you choose the type of jewelry that looks best for you face shape and lifestyle. If you already have a piercing and need new jewelry, check out our online shop. With so many styles and materials to choose from, you're sure to find perfect nose jewelry for your needs.

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