All You Need To Know About Monroe Piercing Jewelry

All You Need To Know About Monroe Piercing Jewelry

The Monroe piercing, found on the left side of the upper lip, is named for actress Marilyn Monroe. It is in a similar location to Monroe’s classic beauty mark. Based on the piercing jewelry you choose, the Monroe piercing can be an exciting statement piece or a subtle touch.

What is a Monroe Piercing?

The Monroe piercing shows on the upper left lip, slightly to the left of the philtrum piercing. Because of their association with Marilyn Monroe, they are often considered more feminine and usually marked with a gemstone stud. The supermodel Cindy Crawford’s beauty mark is located in a similar spot, increasing this association with classic feminine beauty.

Similar Lip Piercings

Two piercing styles in similar locations are the Madonna piercing and the philtrum piercing. The Madonna piercing is similar to the Monroe but is placed slightly to the right rather than left. The philtrum piercing, also known as the medusa piercing, is centered in the flesh above the upper lip.

Monroe lip piercings are also often confused with labret piercings. Usually, a labret piercing is in the flesh right below the center of the lower lip. However, the term labret piercing can refer to all other piercings around the mouth that do not have a specific title, such as the medusa or Monroe piercing does.

You may hear the term labret Monroe jewelry because labret studs are the most popular choice for many piercings in the area surrounding the lips. This is because they have longer posts and a flat disk on one side.

History of Lip Piercings

Evidence of lip piercings dates back centuries. Several indigenous tribes were known to use lip piercings and other body modifications as a cultural practice.

Body piercings beyond basic ear piercings, however, did not make it into contemporary Western society until relatively recently. Lip piercings came on to the scene in the early 1990s when body modifications were becoming more popular in general.

Monroe piercings have gained traction over the past two decades. One turning point was when they appeared on celebrities such as Amy Winehouse, for whom the lip piercing was part of her trademark soulful style.

Our Favourite Threadless Monroe Piercing Ends

What Gauge Are Monroe Piercings?

The standard gauge for a Monroe piercing is 16-gauge, and the typical lengths are 1/4”, 5/16”, and 3/8”. After the piercing area has healed, you will generally move on to piercing jewelry with a smaller post. It is vital to have a longer post when initially piercing to leave room for any swelling. Of course, the post will also be longer for lip piercings than many other body piercings because there is thicker flesh in the area.

What Type of Jewelry Do You Use for a Monroe Piercing?

The most common Monroe piercing jewelry is a labret stud. A labret’s design is different from a typical earlobe stud in that the jewel screws into a post that has a flat back. This is the best choice for Monroe piercings because then the flat disc is in your upper gums rather than the end of a pointy post.

Although labret piercings are the best choice for Monroe piercing jewelry, the jewelry does require specific care after the piercing process. Because the flat back of the jewelry is small and subtle, it can trap bacteria in the skin or become surrounded by it. It is crucial to keep the jewelry clean. If you have any concerns, it is imperative to seek help from a professional piercer.

Some of the most popular posts for a Monroe piercing are a small yellow gold studs or white gold studs, gemstone studs of various colors and sizes, or even small graphic designs like a heart or an animal shape.

What Jewelry Should Be Used for the Initial Piercing?

Monroe piercings, like all piercings, should be done by a trained professional in a high-quality piercing studio. Typically, the piercer will puncture your skin with a hollow needle and then immediately insert the jewelry.

The piercing jewelry should always be either 14k gold or surgical-grade titanium. These are the options that are most likely to prevent infections or cause irritation. Some people are also allergic to other materials, especially nickel, that are in lower-quality metals.

Where Can I Find Monroe Piercing Jewelry?

There are many brands of cute and high-quality Monroe piercing jewelry. Some of our favorites are BVLA, Buddha Jewelry Organics, and Junipurr Jewelry. BVLA, a company based out of Los Angeles, has a wide variety of labret options to adorn the end of a Monroe piercing. Buddha Jewelry Organics also has labret plugs, which slightly stretch out the lip piercing area with a unique design. Junipurr Jewelry stands out with its many 14k gold body jewelry options sold at affordable prices.

We encourage you to check out our shop here at Our titanium flat-back labret posts are perfect for those who are new to Monroe piercings, as well as any other kind of lip piercing. You can pair our threadless labret posts with studs of almost any style.

To purchase in most online shops, including ours, you will need to know your piercing measurements. We strongly recommend having these done by a professional piercer at an esteemed piercing studio. If you are in the Ontario area, you can visit any one of our brick-and-mortar locations for sizing a new piercing as well as the option to check out our collection in person.

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Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.