How Threadless Piercing Jewelry Works

How Threadless Piercing Jewelry Works

Threadless body jewelry consists of two pieces; the decorative end and the backing post (or barbell) that it fits into.

All decorative ends must be bent slightly before use to ensure there is proper tension with the backing post. If the decorative end is not bent there is a chance that it may not connect properly with the backing post and there is potential for the decorative end to fall out.

How to Bend Threadless Jewelry


  1. Insert the pin about halfway into the shaft (or a third of the way for 14k gold threadless ends)
  2. Bend the pin slightly as shown. The more you bend, the tighter the fit.
  3. Push in the removable end to close. The bent pin straightens out inside the shaft, creating a spring tension force that holds the two pieces together.
  4. Pull apart both ends to remove. If the jewelry is tight, add a slight twisting motion while you pull out the decorative end.

How to adjust the fit:

On step 2, bend the pin a little more if you want a tighter fit, or straighten out the pin a little if you want an easier fit.

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Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.