Male Genital Piercings - Types of Piercings and Questions you may have

Male Genital Piercings - Types of Piercings and Questions you may have

When it comes to piercings, most of us immediately turn our thoughts to the typical: ear, nose, tongue and so on…

But one type of piercing that is both fringe and increasing in popularity are male genital piercings. Perhaps you’ve even heard of the infamous “Prince Albert” and thought it sounded both interesting and tantalizing as a way to modify your body in a way that stands out from the crowd and exhibits your personality.

But “Prince Alberts” are, in fact, just the tip (pun intended) of the male genital iceberg as it were. Whether for pleasure or expression of self and style, you surely have a number of questions. This guide will help you get the answers you need to determine which male genital piercing is right for you, and well, your member as it were.

What are Male Genital Piercings?

Genital piercings are, as the name suggests, those piercings that go through the genitals at some point or position. As it related to male genital piercings, there are 15 common variations to consider. Areas of the male genitals that are common for piercings include:

  • Penile shaft
  • Pubic piercings
  • Scrotum piercings
  • Perineum piercings

What Types of Male Genital Piercings are There?

Below we’ll briefly cover the 15 most common types of male genital piercing options available broken down by category:

  1. Penis Head Piercings
    Dydoe piercings
    placed through the glans, parallel to the shaft and often done in pairs.
    Ampallang piercings
    made horizontally through the glans in such a way that the barbell sits on both the left and right sides of the penis head.
    Apadravya Piercings
    vertically placed straight through the glans, with one ball of the barbell sitting atop and one beneath the glans.
    Kuno Piercings
    only an option for uncircumcised men, this piercing goes through any point on the top rim of the foreskin
  2. Penile Shaft Piercings

    There are around 7 types of penile shaft piercings available as options, falling into three different categories: Prince Albert, Frenum, and Dolphin.

    Prince Albert
    Easily the most common of male genital piercings, the Prince Albert is placed through the urethral tube and comes out behind the head of the penis. There is also a variation of the Prince Albert, called a Reverse Prince Albert in which the urethra is pierced from above the shaft vs underneath it. This alternative can be more sexually stimulating for female partners.
    Frenum Piercings
    The most typical version of the frenum piercing is placed horizontally along the underside of the shaft.
    Dorsal Frenum:
    When this piercing is placed instead along the top of the shaft, it is referred to as a “dorsal frenum piercing”.
    Jacob’s Ladder:
    Yet another variation, where an individual opts to have multiple frenum piercings in a row along either the bottom or top of the shaft of the penis is called a “Jacob’s ladder”.
    Also known as a “low frenum” the lorum is positioned at the base of the shaft of the penis near the scrotum
    Dolphin Piercings
    This unique piercing is only an option for those that already have a well-healed typical Prince Albert piercing. This style establishes a piercing of the urethra from underside your shaft, about 5/8” below your original Prince Albert piercing, connecting the two.
  3. Pubic Piercings

    Pubic piercings can be found anywhere in the public area and are great alternatives for those men that are concerned about genital piercings through the penis itself.

  4. Scrotal Piercing

    sotal piercings, also known as hafada piercings, are those that are placed anywhere on the scrotum itself. An individual may opt for one, multiple or even create a scrotal ladder with any number of jewelry options.

  5. Perineum Piercings

    The length of skin and tissue between your anus and scrotum is known as the perineum. This highly erogenous zone is a favorite place to get what is known as a guiche piercing, which can be lightly manipulated once healed to increase sexual arousal or pleasure.

What Types of Body Jewelry is there for Genital Piercings?

Your options for male genital piercing jewelry depends on the specific type of piercing in question. We’ll cover some of the popular options for each below:

Penis Head Piercing Jewelry

  • Short straight barbell, anointed with ball bearings on either end.
  • Straight barbell with half balls
  • D-ring
  • Kuno piercing ring

Penis Shaft Piercing Jewelry

  • Straight barbells
  • D-rings
  • Circular barbells
  • Captive Rings
  • Bent barbell with slave ring
  • Circular barbell with slave ring
  • Prince Albert wand

Pubic Piercing Jewelry

  • Captive rings
  • Circular barbells
  • Micro straight barbells
  • Bent barbells

Scrotal Piercing Jewelry

  • Captive rings
  • Circular barbells
  • Micro straight barbells
  • Bent barbells (often the ideal choice)

Do Male Genital Piercings Hurt?

Given that the skin and tissue is being pierced, all male genital piercings will hurt to some degree. The level of pain involved will depend on a few things:

  • How experienced your piercer is
  • The type of piercing
  • Your level of sensitivity in the area
  • Your personal level of pain tolerance

For example, Dyode (penis head) piercings are among the less painful options, while Apadravya Piercings are among the most painful.

Be sure to speak with your piercing professional to get expert advice on what to expect regarding pain and placement. The team at can walk you through your options and help you find the perfect fit.

Do genital piercings increase sensitivity?

Yes, and no. Everyone’s body reacts differently, so your experience may vary from that of someone else. That said, a number of male genital piercing options can both enhance your (and your partner’s) sexual pleasure and stimulation.

Other types of piercings may either increase or decrease sensitivity. Your best bet is to have an honest conversation with your piercing professional regarding your goals and concerns. The team at Pierced has years of experience helping local Newmarket and Mississauga, Ontario residents like yourself get all of their male genital piercing questions answered.

Do all piercers handle genital piercings?

Great question. And a simple one to answer. In short, no. Some piercers do not handle them at all, while others only handle certain types. Always reach out ahead to learn more about the piercer’s policies, offerings and experience. When it comes to male genital piercings, you really don’t want someone with little to no experience putting a needle through one of (if not the most) sensitive and important parts of your body.

How to properly heal Genital Piercings

Aftercare for genital piercings is similar to that of other types of piercings, but there are a few additional pointers we can help with.

  • Take a break from any sexual activities (just for a little while till things start to heal up)
  • Avoid the exchange of bodily fluids in the genital area by using proper protection
  • Stick with saline or salt rinses
  • Consider soothing olive or emu oil to help with healing
  • Drink plenty of fluids

Need More Help, Come See us Today!

Male genital piercings can be an exciting prospect, but knowing what to get, the best jewelry options available, and how to care for your new piercing can leave a lot of Newmarket, ON residents not sure of where to start or who to turn to for help.

The team at Pierced is experienced, friendly and ready to make sure your first or next genital piercing is everything you’d hoped for. Call or stop by today.

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Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.