How Our Body Jewelry Works at Pierced

How Our Body Jewelry Works at Pierced

At Pierced we sell a wide selection of jewelry both in our studios, and online. Different types of jewelry are made for different types of piercings and lifestyles. Whether you want something for everyday wear, or special occasions, we have you covered! Keep reading to learn about the different pieces we have to offer, as well as how to determine which type of jewelry may work best for you!

Threadless Jewelry

Threadless jewelry is the leading standard for jewelry across the piercing industry today. It offers a wide variety of gauge and post options, which allows for it to be worn universally across an array of piercings.

“Threadless” refers to the method of connection this jewelry uses. As the name suggests - there are no threads. The decorative head has a strong pin that protrudes to fit into the post. This pin is bent by your piercer, and the tension caused by the bend of the pin within the post holds the jewelry together.

Threadless Jewelry

The more severe the bend, the tighter the decorative head is within the post. A large part of our interest with threadless jewelry is the innate safety feature it offers. If your jewelry gets caught on anything the connection should separate before skin breaks.

Since there are no threads, there is no turning required to remove it. You simply brace the post, and pull the head from it. This is easier said than done sometimes, as overtime dried blood and lymph from the healing process can harden between the two making it finicky to remove. If you need any of our jewelry removed or reinstalled in an existing piercing, we offer those services free of charge.

Internally Threaded Jewelry

Internally threaded jewelry has threading, so it will require twisting to remove. When unscrewing jewelry, remember “lefty loosey, righty tighty.” We carry some decorative tops in this style, but we mostly see it used in navel, nipple, genital, and oral jewelry.

If you’re wearing internally threaded jewelry, you need to make sure you’re checking for tightness every 3-4 days. We typically advise you do this in the shower, when your hands are clean.

Internally Threaded Jewelry

Internally threaded jewelry is different from the common understanding of threaded jewelry. Instead of the post having visible threading, the ball does, and it screws into the post. This is safer for your piercing because there are no external threads to cut and tear the wound you’re putting the jewelry through.

Internally threaded tops only fit on posts that are the same gauge as the threading, so they’re not as universal as threadless jewelry.


This style of ring is most commonly referred to as a “clicker” because it clicks open and closed. There is a small hinge at one end, and a snap closure at the other end. We love clickers because they’re the easiest style to remove and reinstall for clients, and they come in an infinite amount of styles.


Removal is fairly simple. You brace the body of the ring, and pull the snap closure open. Be sure to be gentle so as not to damage the hinge mechanism or yourself.

Seam Rings

To open a seam ring, you brace both sides of the ring at the seam and twist them apart. Sometimes people make the mistake of pulling the two ends apart, which will bend the ring out of shape. This is certainly a tricky motion for most clients - so we highly recommend visiting us at one of our studios to assist you.

Seam Ring

Seam rings are great for areas where you would like to wear thinner gauge jewelry, or areas you know you don’t intend to switch often. Since they don’t have a complicated hinge mechanism, you’ll find that they’re often less expensive than their clicker counterpart.

Fixed Bead Rings

Fixed Bead Ring

These rings employ the same opening/ closing method as seam rings, but instead of a clean seam you’ll see a bead, or a decorative cluster at the seam.

Captive Bead Rings

Captive bead rings have a bead with two indentations held in place by the pressure put on them from either end of the ring. More often than not, tools are required to install and remove this piece of jewelry. Pierced is a fully disposable studio, so we don’t always have the correct tools for this.

captive Bead Ring

Now that you know all the different types of jewelry we offer at Pierced, it is time to determine your size! If you are able to visit one of our studios, our staff will be more than happy to assist with measuring you.

Although, if you are unable to make it into the studio, no problem! We have created a complete guide on how to determine your jewelry size at home. Click here to see how to measure body jewelry.

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