How to find the best simple septum jewelry

How to find the best simple septum jewelry

Your Guide to Simple and Dainty Septum Piercing Jewelry

At Pierced we always say that everyone looks good with a septum piercing, which is probably why 90% of our team members have them! This is because they can look bold and eye-catching or minimalist and understated depending on the jewelry you choose to wear.

For those who don’t know, a septum piercing is a nose piercing done around the cartilage that separates your nostrils! Because your septum is located towards the middle of your face, it is easy for this piercing to become a focal point!

In recent years septum piercings have become more and more popular, which means there are now endless opportunities when it comes to jewelry selection. A popular trend right now for septum jewelry is dainty and simplistic gold rings.

A few brands that we love for simplistic and high quality gold septum jewelry are Junipurr Jewelry, Buddha Jewelry Organics, and BVLA. All these brands offer rings in a variety of sizes that can accommodate many client’s piercings, based on their unique anatomy.

These brands also stock 14k gold options, which is an implant grade material, perfect for those with sensitive skin!

Something to keep in mind when choosing your septum jewelry is determining what type of ring will fit your lifestyle. Many people prefer to buy clicker style rings, which have a hinge mechanism for easy opening and closing. Clickers are typically the easiest jewelry to be able to change on your own at home, and oftentimes do not suffer from wear and tear.

Here are a few of our favourite dainty and simplistic septum clickers:

Other people decide to opt for a seam ring. A seam ring is opened and closed by bending the jewelry to open, and then bending it back into place. This is a good jewelry option if you’re not looking to change your jewelry often, and just want something that will stay in place.

Here are a few of our favourite dainty and simplistic seam rings for septums:

If you’re unsure of your sizing, check out our online guide on how to determine your jewelry size. Or feel free to visit us in the studio and we can have a piercer measure your ear in person, as well as assist with a jewelry upgrade and change!

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Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.

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