6 Unique Piercing Jewelry Trends for 2020

6 Unique Piercing Jewelry Trends for 2020

At Pierced our goal for 2020 (and always) is to rethink piercing, and part of rethinking piercing is also rethinking our jewelry selection! We have worked hard to curate a vast selection of pieces that will appeal to many customers’ personal style. Here are the 6 trends in jewelry we are looking forward to experimenting with most this year. Let us know what other trends should be on our radar, and what pieces or brands you’d like to see make their way into our studioEar Jewelry

Adding a little colour

Upgrading your jewelry is a great way to fall back in love with an existing piercing, especially if you’re looking to better reflect your personal style through your jewelry! We have found that adding a pop of colour into your collection can really help to create a focal point for your piercings. In our piercing studio we offer a variety of coloured CZ and titanium prongs, as well as a wide selection of 14k gold ends that feature genuine stones like opals, rubies and sapphires and swarovski crystals.

Ear Rings

Lavish Rings

We have curated a very wide selection of decorative rings for 2020. Many being from brands like BVLA, Buddha Jewelry Organics, and Maria Tash. Decorative rings are a great way to adorn a septum, daith, nostril or helix piercing depending on the size.

Please keep in mind that we only put rings into healed piercings at Pierced. But we are more than happy to assist you with a jewelry change once you’re piercing is healed and ready!

Ear Piercing

Textured Ends

Recently a lot of our clients have been opting for textured ends. These are the perfect option if you’re looking to add some visual interest to your ear project without introducing too many colours of gold or gemstones. These are also typically a cost-friendly option, so you really can’t go wrong!

Ear Cartilage Piercing

Grounding an ear project with basics

As much as we love a good sparkle, sometimes a plain gold ball or gold ring can really add a lot of balance to an ear project, especially if you have multiple piercings. Plain options are also great because they go with everything, and are appropriate for any occasion.

Ear Piercing Trends

Jewelry with significance

This year we have brought in a few pieces that speak for themselves, and tell a little bit about a client just based on your first glance.

Our Celtic knot gold end has been very popular with a few of our clients. We’ve also had a few clients who have added in their birthstone or child’s birthstone to their jewelry collection. We even have a deathly hallows symbol that many fans can resonate with!

Body Jewelry Chains


Adding chains to existing piercings and jewelry is a great way to add a bit of visual interest to your ear project. It also adds some movement, which can be extremely eye-catching! A great example of this is the fetish ring from Buddha Jewelry Organics, which is available in both yellow and white gold at our studios!

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Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.

Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.