Female Genital Piercings - Types of Piercings and Questions you may have

Female Genital Piercings - Types of Piercings and Questions you may have

There are many reasons a woman may choose to get a piercing, whether it’s to show off their own unique personality, make a statement, or simply build self-confidence. But us women aren’t only limited to the aesthetic piercings we show off to the world.

Female genital piercings can do more than just make us feel confident and sexy. When done properly, some of them can actually help enhance sexual experiences!

Types of female genital piercings

There are several types of genital piercings for women. Some are designed to enhance sexual pleasure while others are purely aesthetic. Don’t discount those ornamental piercings, however, as many women find them to be real confidence boosters, which can positively impact your sex life in its own way! Some of the most popular genital piercings for women include the following.

This is by far the most popular genital piercing for women. A VCH, or vertical clitoral hood piercing, is placed vertically in the skin that covers the clitoris with the lower ball of the jewelry resting on the clitoris. The VCH is known for not only for being visually appealing but for also being most likely to increase sexual pleasure.
The HCH, or horizontal clitoral hood piercing, is similar to the VCH except the hood is pierced horizontally.
The triangle is a more recent piercing that is quickly gaining popularity. It is placed so that the jewelry is below the clitoral hood and behind the clitoris, providing optimal sensation. Not every women’s body is properly suited for a triangle piercing, however.
The Christina is a surface piercing through the mons pubis and is entirely ornamental.
Another decorative piercing which involves piercing the skin surrounding the vulva and can be done on either the outer labia (labia majora) or inner labia (labia minora).

Body jewelry for genital piercings

Styles of body jewelry for female genital piercings vary greatly depending on personal taste and piercing placement, though rings and curved barbells are most common. We have a wide selection of jewelry for women at Pierced to perfectly suit your unique sense of style.

Do genital piercings hurt?

For health and safety reasons, piercing artists are not able to use any type of numbing agents or anesthesia when performing piercings. So, does that mean your piercing will hurt? Not always. How much a particular piercing hurts greatly depends on your personal threshold for pain. Women’s genitals do have a lot of nerve endings, so you are likely to feel something no matter what, but the overall process should be quick and most people say the pain is over as soon as the jewelry is securely placed.

Do genital piercings increase sensitivity?

While not all genital piercings are functional in increasing sensitivity, a properly placed VCH, HCH, or triangle piercing may actually greatly increase sensitivity and sensation.

Do all piercers do genital piercings?

Not all piercers perform female genital piercings, though it’s becoming much more common in general. That being said, experience is key when it comes to genital piercings.

Though it’s always a good idea to get your piercings done at a reputable shop with experienced piercers, it’s even more important to be extra thorough when selecting a piercer to perform a genital piercing of any kind. Women’s bodies and vaginas vary greatly, no two are alike and not all women are suited for all types of genital piercings. An experienced piercer will be able to evaluate your body and offer advice on the best piercings for you. An improperly done genital piercing can heal crooked, become infected, or in the worst case scenario, actually damage your nerve endings which can, in turn, affect your ability to orgasm.

The experienced artists at Pierced in the Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket & Square One Mall in Mississauga are fully trained in female anatomy and will be able to advise you on which genital piercings are the right fit for your body.

Healing times and aftercare for genital piercings

Most female genital piercings have a pretty quick healing time, usually between 4 to 6 weeks. In order for your new piercing to heal correctly, it’s important to put together a good hygiene routine. It’s generally a good idea to avoid soaps and instead opt for sea salt solution soaks and saline mists. If you insist on using soap, opt for a mild and natural fragrance-free soap, as harsher soaps or certain perfumes can irritate the skin, slowing down the healing time. As tempting as it may be to try out your new jewelry in the bedroom, its best to abstain from most types of sexual activity while your piercing heals. This includes intercourse, oral sex, and masturbation. It’s also a good idea to avoid anything that may rub against the area and irritate it such as tight underwear or clothing. Public pools and hot tubs should also be avoided until you’re fully healed.

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