Everything You Need to Know About Septum Piercings

Everything You Need to Know About Septum Piercings

Septum piercings are having a big moment in fashion scenes both in Newmarket and around the world. Stars of all stripes, are having their turn in the piercing parlor in order to rock the red carpet in their very own metal.

If you’re serious about getting a septum piercing, read on below to learn more about all the basics you’ll need to understand before coming in.

And if we missed any question you might have or if you need further assistance, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to our local Newmarket team of highly experienced piercing professionals at Pierced.co. We’d love to learn how we can help.

Septum Piercing

What is a Septum Piercing?

A septum piercing, in the most medical-sounding of definitions, is “a piercing that goes through the nasal septum, which separates the left and right nostrils. While some people refer to this as a “nose piercing” or a “bull ring piercing”, both are technically incorrect.

A “nose piercing” can refer to several types of piercings, including both nostril piercings and septum piercings, and the term “bull ring piercing” is both inaccurate and a little insulting.

Do Septum Piercings Hurt?

In a word, yes – but very little. Most individuals report the pain level for a septum piercing ranging from a 1 or a 2 on a 10-point scale. However, it is important to note that everyone experiences pain differently and each person has their own unique level of pain tolerance.

For most individuals, a septum piercing is done through the soft tissue just in front of the cartilage of the septum. Piercing this soft tissue is similar to piercing an earlobe – a little pinch for a second, and the pain is gone.

The real pain, which is still slight to moderate, generally starts to set in after a few hours, when your body tries to start the healing process around your new jewelry. Thankfully, a Tylenol or Advil is usually enough to bring the pain back down to a reasonable level, or eliminate it entirely.

Male Septum Piercing with Septum Clicker

How Do I Know if Septum Piercing is Right for Me?

While the decision to add a septum piercing to your look is mainly one of fashion and personal preference, those with a deviated septum should use caution. Piercing a deviated septum may not only have the effect of making your jewelry look skewed and less attractive, it can also increase the pain factor past the level one should normally expect from a septum piercing.

A professional skilled in septum piercings will be able to tell if you’re a good candidate or not, and can help you explore your options. Whatever you do, heed their advice: no one needs a swollen, misshapen, crooked piercing throwing off their look.

If you have concerns, contact the local Newmarket team at Pierced.co for honest, compassionate and expert advice on all things piercing.

Types of Body Jewelry for Your Septum Piercing

Once the initial piercing has healed you’ll be able to swap out that original jewelry with a wide range of your choosing, from sleek and stylish to elaborate and detailed, the options are endless.

When Can I Change My Septum Piercing Jewelry?

Hold your horses on this one – make sure to pick a piece of jewelry you can live with – and hopefully love- for 6 to 8 weeks after the initial piercing. During this phase of the healing stage, you should touch it as little as possible, and definitely shouldn’t change your jewelry.

Some individuals may need longer healing time, such as 3-5 months, but it’s completely up to your body’s natural rate of healing.

How Should I Care for My Septum Piercing?

Rule number one: don’t touch! No matter how clean you think your hands are, it’s always better, and frankly faster and more thorough, to clean your piercing with a cotton swab. This is especially important when your piercing is fresh, but this applies to the entire life of the piercing – just don’t touch!

Second, do sea-salt soaks, twice daily. Soak a cotton ball in a concentrated solution of sea salt, not table salt, and water and hold it to the piercing for five minutes. This is the golden rule of caring for new piercings to prevent infection.

Lastly, move your jewelry as little as possible during the healing period to avoid further irritation, and consult your piercer, or a doctor, if you notice signs of infection such as green or yellow discharge or a nasty odor.

Can a Septum Piercing Cause a Sinus Infection?

In a word, yes, but not the kind of sinus infection you might be thinking of. While minor infections of a piercing site are uncomfortable, but uncommon, the kind of sinus infection that should have you running for the doctor is a septal hematoma.

These are extremely rare, and affect only a tiny portion of the population. In the rare event that you experience dramatic swelling, are congested even though you don’t have a cold or allergies, or you notice uncomfortable pressure in your septum, you should seek help right away.

Septum Piercing with Septum Clicker Jewelry

Ready to Get a Septum Piercing?

Whether you’re doing it to follow in the footsteps of your favorite celeb, or express your personal style, the experienced team at Pierced.co is here to help.

With the proper care, a good piercer, and the right jewelry, it can be a fashion statement you’ll enjoy for years to come. And when you’re ready to take the next step, call or drop by our local Newmarket location today to get started.

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