The Complete Guide to Helix Piercing Jewelry

The Complete Guide to Helix Piercing Jewelry

First popularized in the 1990s, helix piercings have been making a massive comeback over the past decade. Helix piercings are a great next step if you already have one or more lobe piercings but are interested in getting more piercings in your ears.

Helix piercings are increasingly more socially acceptable than they may have been even a few years ago. Now, a helix piercing is often admired by young people who are excited to get one of their own once they are old enough. Click here to book your future helix piercing at our studio. 

Helix piercings are also a favoured body piercing option for those of all gender identities, whereas it used to be favoured more by women. We believe that the more people out there with cartilage piercings they love, the better!

Read on to learn more about the helix piercing process and popular helix jewelry options.

What Is a Helix Piercing?

The helix is the curved outer rim of the cartilage of the outer ear. A helix piercing can be located anywhere between the top of the curve to where the earlobe begins. There are also subcategories of helix piercing.

Piercings between the top of the curve and the tragus are forward helix piercings. Some people even get multiple helix piercings close to each other, known as double or triple helix piercings.

Helix Piercing

Is a Helix Piercing the Same Thing as a Cartilage Piercing?

It is possible that in the past, you have heard the term cartilage piercing when referring to what we are calling a helix piercing. The term cartilage piercing is not inaccurate.

However, the helix is just one small part of the cartilage, as the cartilage makes up much of the inner and outer ear. Other examples of cartilage piercings are tragus piercings, rook piercings, conch piercings, and daith piercings.

Why Is it Important to Use Quality Helix Piercing Jewelry?

Selecting high-quality helix piercing jewelry is paramount to ensure both style and safety. Here's why:

  • Avoiding Allergies and Irritation: Poor-quality jewelry made from low-grade materials can lead to allergic reactions, skin irritation, and even infections. Opting for hypoallergenic materials like titanium, surgical stainless steel, or solid gold helps minimize these risks, ensuring a comfortable and safe helix piercing experience.

  • Longevity and Durability: Investing in quality helix piercing jewelry guarantees longevity and durability. Well-crafted pieces withstand the test of time, allowing you to enjoy your helix piercings for years to come without worrying about breakage or tarnishing.

  • Style and Aesthetic Appeal: High-quality helix piercing jewelry offers a vast array of designs, ensuring you find the perfect match for your personal style. From minimalist elegance to bold and intricate pieces, quality jewelry enhances your overall aesthetic and helps you make a statement.

What Is the Best Material for Helix Piercing Jewelry?

When getting your helix pierced, the piercing jewelry should be 14k gold or implant-grade titanium. These are the highest quality metals for earrings. Genuine gold earrings, in particular, are easier to clean thoroughly and are less likely to cause infection.

Some people are also allergic to the metals found in lower quality earrings, especially nickel; 14k gold earrings are a safe bet because they are doubtful to cause an allergic reaction.

Unless you are allergic to other materials, you can switch to helix jewelry made from a variety of materials after the wound has fully healed. Meeting with a professional piercer can help you confirm that the piercing is ready to be changed for the first time.

Is a Hoop or Stud Better for Cartilage Piercings?

It is always better to get a cartilage piercing initially done with a stud. It is easier for the piercing to heal on a long, straight post rather than a curved post. It also leaves room for the inflammation and swelling that immediately follows the piercing, which is common even when a professional does the piercing, and you follow the aftercare instructions correctly.

Once healed, you can change out the piercing’s stud for a hoop or any other style that fits your mood. Keep reading to learn more about the types of earrings that work best for a helix piercing.

Once you choose your initial stud for your fresh helix piercing, be sure to keep up with the aftercare routine prescribed by your piercer.  Also ensure you are cleaning your piercing with the appropriate products to avoid infection.  Click here to shop all Pierced aftercare products. 

Do You Need Special Jewelry for a Helix Piercing?

Although you do not need specific jewelry for a helix piercing, it is crucial to make sure that the earrings you do use are the proper size. The standard gauges for helix piercings are 16-gauge and 18-gauge, and the standard lengths are 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, and 4/8”.

We recommend that a trained piercer help you take measurements of your piercing to ensure that you are wearing the right size.

If you'd like to try to determine your jewelry size at home, click here to read "The Complete Guide to Measuring Your Body Jewelry".

Helix Piercing Jewelry

What Kind of Earring Do You Use for a Helix Piercing?

There are tons of options out there for helix piercing jewelry. When it comes to helix earrings, most people go for captive bead rings, seamless rings, or labret studs.

Captive bead rings are a great option because of their unique combination of style and function. The small bead or gem that provides the decoration on the helix jewelry can also help keep the earring in place. The beads can be super simple or very elaborate — it is all up to your liking.

Many piercers recommend seam rings because they do not include the clicker segment of earrings that is present on the vast majority of lobe hoops. The seamless design allows the two parts of the hoop to slide together easily. Seamless rings are great if you are looking for smaller and more delicate cartilage piercing jewelry.

Labret studs are relatively similar to traditional lobe studs. The big difference is that labret studs have longer posts with a flat end on one side rather than an earring back.

Labret studs are often used with cartilage piercings, especially at first, to give the ear adequate space to heal. Depending on the thickness of the cartilage area, many people continue to use labret studs as their preferred helix jewelry.

Hoops: Helix piercing hoops come in various sizes and styles, ranging from delicate and dainty to bold and statement-making. Circular barbells, seamless rings, and captive bead rings are common options for helix piercings. Hoops add a touch of edge and can be mixed and matched with other ear adornments for a curated look.

Chains: Helix piercing chains add a whimsical and trendy element to your ear jewelry collection. These chains connect multiple piercings, allowing for a cascading effect. They come in various lengths and designs, offering a customizable and eye-catching addition to your helix piercings.

Where Can I Find Helix Jewelry?

Here at, we love piercing jewelry brands that are affordable yet do not sacrifice style or quality. Three of our favourites are Junipurr Jewelry, BVLA, and Buddha Jewelry Organics. We also recommend you check out the inventory in our online shop!


Helix piercing jewelry allows you to showcase your style and individuality while adorning your ears with trendy and eye-catching designs. Remember the significance of opting for high-quality jewelry, which ensures both safety and longevity. With proper aftercare and the expert assistance available at Pierced, you can confidently embark on your helix piercing journey and enjoy the stylish transformation it brings to your appearance.

Whether you choose a classic stud, a fashionable hoop, or a captivating chain, helix piercing jewelry is an avenue for self-expression and personal style. Explore the vast selection available, care for your piercing diligently, and trust Pierced to make your helix piercing experience exceptional. Elevate your style and let your helix shine!

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