What Are the most Popular Piercing Names?

What Are the most Popular Piercing Names?

Most people unfamiliar with the world of body jewelry are unaware every piercing has a distinct name. Although blanket terms such as "nose piercing" or "ear piercing" describe a general procedure, it can get much more specific than that when it comes to individual piercings.

Familiarizing yourself with piercing names helps you narrow down the style you want. You don't have to know all the names of every type of piercing. However, knowing what you would like to get done ensures that you don't make mistakes when looking for a place to pierce or shopping online.

What are the different names of ear piercings?

Piercings don't just belong on your ear lobes. Like the nose and lips, piercing several places on your ear make a statement. The most common ear piercings include:

Industrial Piercing:
This piece goes across the ear and has two holes in total — one at each end. Industrial piercings require double the maintenance, so always ensure you clean and sterilize your ears correctly.
Rook Piercing:
A newcomer to the piercing style, rook piercings go through the antihelix of your ear. You can show them off with hoops or rings.
Conch Piercing:
Although it takes time to heal, this piercing is surging in popularity. The jewelry decorates the internal or external part of your ear conch.
Helix Piercing:
This piercing marks the outer cartilage ridge of the upper ear. You can get a single stud or hoop or opt for more than one for a dramatic effect.

Ear Piercings

Ear piercings count as popular procedures for both men and women. They hold cultural, religious, and aesthetic significance for people around the world.

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At Pierced, our customers often ask what types of piercing hurts the most. The more muscle and nerves that are in the way, the more likely the piercing will hurt when performed. According to individuals who have experienced it, the most painful piercings are those done on the genitals for both men and women.

The second most painful place to pierce is the nipple, and the third is the septum piercing on the nose. Bear in mind that you'll experience the most pain in the first few days after the procedure for all piercings.

What's the least painful piercing?

Piercing your ear lobe will cause you the least amount of pain. When done right, this piercing hardly hurts and takes the least time to heal out of all the body parts.

Since this piercing is the most comfortable choice, even children as young as five can get it done with a low risk of complications.

What are the different names of nose piercings?

Nose piercings are another highly popular procedure received by people of all genders. They show off your personality and can act as a fashion statement depending on the style you choose. The most popular types of nose piercings include:

Septum Piercing:
The jewelry goes in the center of your nose, between the nostrils.
Nostril Piercing:
Whether on the left or right nostril, these piercings are more straightforward to perform and take less time to heal.
Bridge Piercing:
This horizontal piercing on the bridge of your nose does not involve piercing bone or cartilage.
High nostril:
This piercing is simply a piercing that goes just above the right or left nostril. It allows you to have more than one piece of jewelry on your nose.
Septril Piercing:
A piercing that starts on the upper ridge of your nose and ends below it.
Rhino Piercing/Vertical Tip:
A vertical piece of jewelry begins at the top of your nose and ends at the bottom tip. The best type of jewelry for the rhino piercing is the curved barbell.

Nose Piercings

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What are the different names of body piercings?

The body acts as a landscape for the art of expression, and piercings are one way to show off your style. You can choose among several body piercings besides your nose and ears. Other popular body piercing names include:

Navel Piercing:
On or near the belly button area.
Lip Piercing:
On the lips or around the corner of the mouth.
Tongue Piercings:
On the center or front part of the tongue.
Eyebrow Piercing:
On the edge or center of the eyebrow.
Nipple Piercing:
On one or both of the nipples.
Genital Piercing:
On male and female genitalia.

Body Piercing

At Pierced, we only work with reputable jewelry sellers like Junipurr Jewelry and BVLA. Our professionals measure body jewelry for proper fit before we start. We make sure that you have all the information you need before, during, and after your piercing procedure.

We invite you for a consultation with our professional piercers for a rundown of all the styles and piercing options available. As long as the body part permits, we expertly and safely handle the procedure using single-use, premium-grade needles.

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Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.

Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.