A Parent’s Guide to Piercings

A Parent’s Guide to Piercings

Many of us can’t remember our first ear piercings. Whether we were too young to realize it or have decided it’s a memory we would much rather forget. Your child’s first piercings should be a memorable moment, and is quite often a chance to bond together. 

         Getting your first piercings can be an exciting experience for any child. From searching through jewelry and finding their favourite pieces to showing off their new style to friends and family.

Before diving into the jewelry displays, it is important to research the studio of your choosing! By making sure they only use needles and not piercing guns, carries only implant grade materials, uses disposable equipment, an autoclave on-site with records and a valid and positive inspection from the board of health. 

All of these things can be found here at Pierced!

Take a Seat in Our Piercing Chair and...

Meet Our Piercers, 

Getting to know your Piercer is a great way to have all your questions answered. Having those one-on-one conversations can help take away the stress of the unknown. By meeting with our piercers you can have a step-by-step look at our process and see if our piercers are a good fit for you and your child. All our Piercers are highly trained, patient, and have a genuine love for their craft. 

Receive a Quote

We have jewelry to suit every budget, whether you are interested in Titanium jewelry or 14 Karat Gold. All of our jewelry is made from implant grade metals and are biocompatible, perfect for even the most sensitive of ears.

After your consultation, our staff can book an appointment for a later date or arrange for your child to be pierced as the next available walk-in.

All Consultations are complementary and do not require the purchase of a piercing or jewelry.

How Old Does Your Child Need to Be?

Here at Pierced, we believe that clear and informed consent is the first step towards happy piercings! We proudly pierce children who are 5 years of age and older. At this age, your child is confidently able to communicate what they want and what they are comfortable with!

What You Will Need 

Government issued ID 

 We will need to see government issued I.D for both child and guardian, Health cards are great!

Have a snack

You child will have to have eaten within three hours of your appointment time

Happy and enthusiastic attitudes!

If at any point the child no longer wishes to continue with the appointment, or if your child doesn’t feel ready the day you come in, rescheduling appointments are hassle-free. 

Any deposits made will not be lost, and can simply be transferred to a later date.

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Need an Experienced Piercer in Mississauga?

Working with an experienced piercer can make all the difference when it comes to your piercing experience. If you’re in the Mississauga, Ontario area and have any questions about ear piercing, body piercing or jewelry, give us a call or stop by our piercings studio today. We’d love to help walk you through what to expect and help you choose the right option.

Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.

Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.