Belly Button Rings - Types of Body Jewelry for your Navel Piercing

Belly Button Rings - Types of Body Jewelry for your Navel Piercing

Whether you’re looking for adorable belly button rings or you’re more concerned with the practicalities, we’ve got it all covered here. Read on to discover more about the types of jewelry you can wear with your belly button piercing, as well as ways to keep your piercing looking and feeling great.

Do Hanging Belly Button Rings Easily Get Caught On Clothing?

With any piercing, there is a chance that it can get caught in clothing and this is more likely with a belly button ring, as unless you’re lucky enough to be on the beach, you’ll probably be wearing a shirt or t-shirt most of the time. If you are planning on wearing a hanging belly button ring, it is a good idea to consider what you will wear it with. 

Some fabrics and styles of clothing are more likely to get tangled up with your jewelry than others. If you plan to wear a hanging belly button piercing ring, maybe wear a cute cropped top, so that the fabric doesn’t catch on your navel ring.

What Are Top Mount Belly Button Rings?

Top mount belly button rings are reverse style rings that are inserted via the top of the piercing rather than the bottom. If you choose a top mount belly button ring with a jewel or a charm, the jewel or charm will hang over your belly button. Cute

Is It Safe To Have A Belly Button Ring While Pregnant?

If you are pregnant and your navel piercing is healed it's unlikely to close, so removing due to an expanding tummy is highly advised. In most cases the jewelry can be reinserted quite easily after delivery. 

Whilst pregnant it is highly recommended not to get a new navel piercing. 

Is It Better To Have Your Top Or Bottom Belly Button Pierced?

The position of your navel piercing depends on the shape of your belly button and your own personal choice. Your piercer will be able to advise you on the best position for your body and the way you want your piercing to look.

What Is Navel Piercing Rejection?

Getting a new piercing is very safe but occasionally there can be complications and your body will reject the piercing. This means that your body recognizes it as a foreign object and actively tries to push it out from the skin. Your body may be rejecting your piercing if you notice any of the following signs:

  •   More of the jewelry is becoming visible outside of the piercing
  •   The piercing area is sore, irritated or red
  •   The jewelry is becoming more visible under the skin
  •   The piercing hole appears to be enlarged
  •   The jewelry is coming loose

Can I Use A Plastic Piece As My Initial Piercing?

The jewelry your piercer will use for your initial piercing should be good quality titanium or  implant grade titanium. Once the piercing is fully healed swapping the jewelry with a new piece is  The plastic piece should only be used as a short term solution for example: sports, x-ray, or surgery.

How Much Does A Belly Button Ring Cost?

You can find a range of stylish and plain adorable belly button jewelry at affordable prices online or in piercing and fashion stores. If you’re purchasing belly button rings, remember to make sure that it is good quality. Poor quality jewelry can lead to an infected belly button piercing, which can cause scarring. It is important to make this judgement when you are looking at the price of your jewelry.

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