The Best Body Piercing Near Me

The Best Body Piercing Near Me

How old do you have to be to get a piercing in Ontario?

Ontario does not have an official legal age to get any piercings done, but most professional shops will want to ensure that you have written parental consent if you are under 18. This is in line with most other countries like the US, where states can have different laws but most adhere to this rule regardless of what the legislation has decided.

If it’s your first piercing or one of many you have already, you can take some steps to ensure that the shop you’re going to is well managed and safe for you to get a piercing done at.

Finding Somewhere to Go

Finding a shop to get a piercing done at can take some work, but it’s going to be the most important thing you do. Start researching online or through social media, and take notice of any testimonials, comments or reviews that you see. While it’s best not to trust every negative review, definitely take note of exactly how many of them there are and read through them carefully for what the issues were.

The ideal business is licensed, professional, clean, and equipped with state of the art equipment and exceptional customer service. All of these qualities will make your piercing experience much safer and comfortable, especially if it’s your first time. Doing your research will be your best bet against unscrupulous businesses and people just looking to take your time and money for an unsafe procedure.

Checking out Designs and Styles

Once you find a shop that fits all of the criteria for a successful business, you’ll want to pick a professional piercer to do your piercing. Oftentimes, the shop has an individual or group that specializes in piercings, while others may have combination tattoo/piercing artists. 

Regardless of the situation, you can find the best person for the job by taking a look at their portfolio of piercing designs and past procedures. You might even find some inspiration for something new or unique that you weren’t thinking of before, so be sure to take a look.

Some artists and shops may also have social media accounts that you can browse while thinking up of the style piercing you want, so ask them for this information if you don’t have it already. You’ll want as much inspiration as possible, even if you already know what you’re getting. Being excited about piercing works wonders in having a comfortable procedure.

Questions to Ask Your Artist

There are a number of different ways you can ask your artist for advice regarding your procedure. Ask them some or all of these questions in order to get a better feel for what to expect:

  • How much should I be spending for a particular piece of jewelry?
  • What materials do you recommend for this piercing?
  • What is the average healing time for this piercing?
  • What is the biggest risk factor for infection?
  • How much does this piercing typically hurt?

What is your recommended Piercing Aftercare?

As soon as you’ve gotten your procedure done, you may be wondering about aftercare instructions. Your artist should be able to tell you exactly what to do and look for once you get everything done, and it’s important that you follow these to the letter in order to prevent infection.

The simplest and easiest part of aftercare comes with keeping the area clean. You should be using an antimicrobial or antibacterial soap during this process in order to keep debris out of the area.

To sterilize and clean your jewelry, you can boil it in water for five minutes or soak it in a bleachless formula for at least a minute or two. Both of these steps will be proactive in ensuring your piercing area is healthy and happy for years to come.

Signs of infection include severe pain, redness and itching, and general discomfort that doesn’t go away after a few days. Check with your piercer and your doctor if you have any concerns, so that you can get treated early.

What Brands of Jewelry do you Carry?

Retail body jewelry locations will often have every form and material of jewelry that you could want. As well as this, you can browse online from the comfort of your desk, and either order it directly from the manufacturer or go in store to check it out for yourself.

Many classic designs can also be pictured online, with models posing with the jewelry or photoshopped with it on to give you a better idea of how it will look.

Things to Remember

You should never buy used body jewelry, even if the site or business claims to have cleaned it thoroughly, as there are no real regulations in this part of the market. You’ll never know if something is truly sterile or not, and it may be made with cheaper materials than advertised. It’s better to stick with established brands and businesses.

Also keep note that if you order a custom piece of jewelry or something made out of a unique material that you aren’t allergic to it. Never use plastic piercings either, as plastic has porous construction that will allow bacteria to fester and propagate no matter how often you clean it.

What Types of Body Piercings does Pierced do?

Ear piercing is usually the most common form of piercing that any shop does, but there are many other options also, all depending on your taste and desire for style.

Ring jewelry can be put on the tongue, lips, nose and ears, all with their own unique aesthetic. You can pierce your belly button with a stud or barbell. If you’re looking for ideas, ask your artist and look to others for inspiration.

The piercing world is a fun one to navigate, and doing your research on all the different facets of it will give you the opportunity to really dive into the community and hopefully share some body art also.

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Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.

Rethink piercings, rethink piercings, rethink piercings.