Everything You've Wanted to Know About the Monroe Piercing

Everything You've Wanted to Know About the Monroe Piercing

The Monroe piercing is a classy stud placed near where the actress Marilyn Monroe had her trademark beauty mark (mole). Individuals in and around Newmarket, Mississauga love their Monroe piercing because it adds a distinctive and unique look to their style.

If you find yourself searching for a unique, eye-catching facial piercing, the Monroe piercing might be for you. Still undecided? No worries. Below, we answer your most common questions about this fantastic facial piercing: What is a Monroe piercing?

Technically, a Monroe piercing is a lip piercing, though it is also commonly categorized as a facial piercing. It also falls into the category of labret piercings, which are types of piercings that pierce the lip at any angle.

Most labret piercings extend through the bottom lip. However, the Monroe piercing rests on the left side above the upper left lip. Similarly, the “Madonna piercing” sits in the same location, but on the right side of the upper lip. Does the Monroe piercing hurt?

A Monroe piercing hurts a little, but not much—if your piercer is experienced that is. You should only feel pain during the actual moment of piercing, which lasts only for an instant. You may, however, be sore for a couple of days following the piercing, but nothing extreme.

Those individuals with thicker lips or thicker upper lip skin may feel more pain. Labret piercings generally use 18-gauge jewelry but various options can be discussed with your piercer depending on your goals and anatomy. For example, depending on the thickness of your lips, your piercer may want to use a different gauge. At Pierced we always make sure our customers are well informed and that our piercers work with them to find the best fit.

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Will I have a scar if I remove my Monroe piercing?

Potentially. As with any piercing or puncture, there is always the possibility of a certain amount of scar tissue. The size and extent of scaring will be dependent in part on how your body heals naturally. That said, most people’s scars are barely noticeable. For example, it may look like you have a slight scar from a pimple. Others are more significant. If you have removed other piercings in the past, look at those scars to get a better idea about how your Monroe piercing might heal. Your piercer may also be able to provide pictures from others who have removed theirs for comparison. Just remember that no two bodies or individuals are the same and results may and often do vary.

What kind of piercing aftercare can I expect?

Healing time for a lip piercing generally ranges from between one to three months, depending on the person. Because part of the piercing is inside your mouth, it’s important to rinse with mouthwash, sea salt, or a saline solution after each meal.

Ideally, you should keep your mouth free of others’ bodily fluids while your piercing heals; if you would like to kiss your partner, ask them to rinse with mouthwash beforehand.

For the outside of your piercing, use a saline solution to clean the area at least twice a day. Wash your hands before handling the piercing, and don’t let anyone else handle it. You can gently clean the outer area by dipping a cloth, cotton ball or q-tip in a saline solution and gently wiping a few times throughout the day.

Lastly, avoid swimming pools until your piercing is healed. Swimming pools tend to harbor bacteria and can increase your risk of infection.

What kind of jewellery can I use in a Monroe piercing?

Labret studs are the type of jewelry made specifically for lip piercings. For a Monroe piercing, you’ll want to find a labret stud in the same gauge your piercer used: if you use a smaller piece of jewellery, the piercing may close around it (even if your piercing is fully-healed).

The part of a labret stud that shows is called the “top,” and tops are generally measured in mm. For a very subtle look, shop for 1-2mm tops with metal balls or rhinestones. For an effect with more of a pop, try 3mm and larger. You can even add personality by wearing labret studs with unique shapes, colours, or designs!

Ready to Get your Own Monroe Piercing?

The Monroe piercing is a great way to show your personality. You can keep it small, or highlight it with distinctive jewelry. You can change it with your mood or use the same stud for months. If you’re looking for a simple, unique piercing, talk with a piercer about a Monroe piercing today!

If you happen to be in the Newmarket, Mississauga area, reach out to Pierced or drop by today. We would love to answer any questions you have and see how we can help you get the piercing you’ve always wanted.

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