Industrial Piercings: A Comprehensive Guide

Industrial Piercings: A Comprehensive Guide

For those looking to make a bold statement with their jewelry and body piercings, the industrial piercing is a popular choice.

These striking ear piercings, also known as scaffold piercings, feature a long barbell that connects two separate holes in the upper ear cartilage. If you're considering an industrial piercing, it's essential to be well-informed about the procedure, aftercare, and the trusted experts who can help you achieve the desired look. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into all aspects of industrial piercings, including their history, variations, benefits, risks, aftercare tips, and why Pierced is the perfect destination for this type of body modification.

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The Origins of Industrial Piercings

Industrial piercings have a rich history rooted in tribal and cultural traditions. Ear piercing has been practiced by numerous civilizations throughout the ages, with evidence dating back thousands of years. However, the specific concept of connecting multiple piercings with a single barbell emerged in the 1990s. Inspired by the punk and alternative scenes, industrial piercings quickly gained popularity, captivating individuals seeking a bold and eye-catching modification.


Industrial Ear Piercing Healing Time

It’s important to consider healing time when deciding on any type of cartilage piercing. Healing time can vary greatly for industrial piercings. Industrial piercings take a minimum of 9-12 months to heal, this number goes up with triple or quad industrials or interesting yet viable additions.

A good cleaning and piercing aftercare regiment will help speed up the healing process and help assure you land on the shorter end of the healing spectrum.

Decide carefully on the ideal time of year to get your piercing. Bear in mind that its best to avoid pools, hot tubs, oceans, lakes, and other types of water-based activities while your piercing is healing. If these are normal parts of your summer plans, perhaps its best to get pierced in the winter. However, if you often wear hats in the winter, you also might want to consider that they could pose a risk of getting snagged in your new jewelry.

It is also not recommended to get industrial piercings on both ears at the same time. This is because you will want to avoid sleeping on the side with your new piercing while it heals.

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Caring for your Industrial Piercing

Aftercare is crucial to ensuring your piercing heals correctly. Improperly cared for piercings can result in infection! Luckily, proper piercing care is not difficult or expensive. For the most part, all that is required is taking the time to clean your piercing properly, keeping irritants away from it, and avoiding pulling or snagging your new jewelry.

In order to clean your piercing properly, you first want to make sure your hands are clean. Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your piercing. we only recommend a sterile saline for irrigation and a mild, medical grade soap to clean the area of the piercing but to never rub soap in the piercing itself. Your piercer can usually recommend a good product for this purpose. At we recommend NeilMed Neilcleanse Piercing Aftercare. Avoid using any other solutions such as hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or scented soaps on your piercing. Substances like this can actually slow down your body’s natural ability to heal.

It's important to keep any foreign irritants away from your new piercing. This includes any hair or skin care products you may use. Ideally, it’s best to avoid products such as hair spray entirely while your piercing heals, but if that isn’t possible make sure to protect your ear from being exposed to the spray.

Pulling or snagging your jewelry can also slow down the healing process, so use extra care when brushing your hair and avoid wearing any hair accessories or hats that run the risk of snagging. Those with long hair may wish to tie their hair back to avoid it getting tangled in the jewelry while your industrial piercing heals.

What to do if you Suspect an Infection or Hypertrophic Scarring

Piercing bumps, swelling, pus, or hot feeling skin around the piercing area could all be signs of an infected piercing for any type of body jewelry. Infection is actually very unlikely unless in cases of extreme neglect and a source of bacteria transfer present, 99% of issues related to piercings are irritations, caused by issues like sleeping, pressure, ill fitting jewelry or touching. If you suspect your piercing is infected, it's best to get it checked out right away rather than giving the infection the opportunity to get worse. Visit your doctor to have it evaluated, especially if you notice a fever alongside other infection symptoms.

Another potential cause of irritation could be an allergic reaction to certain metals. It's always best to stick with implant grade metals when choosing your jewelry in order to avoid any potential reactions.

Types of Jewelry for Industrial Piercings

A straight 14 gauge barbell is the classic jewelry style for industrial piercings. However, you are definitely not limited to the industrial barbell! There is a range of other fun jewelry styles and options you can consider for your industrial piercing. Fancier barbell options are available featuring dangling charms, zigzags, or words. You can also swap out the plain metal threaded ends of your barbell for ends with a bit more style, such as unique gemstones or fun shapes. It should be noted that costume jewelry should never be worn as the materials are not fit for wear inside the body. only implant grade materials should be worn.


Industrial piercings offer a unique and fashionable way to make a statement with your ear accessories. Whether you opt for a classic horizontal or vertical industrial piercing or explore the orbital variation, it's essential to be well-informed about the procedure, aftercare, and trusted professionals who can help you achieve the desired look. By following proper aftercare guidelines and seeking out reputable studios, you can confidently rock your industrial piercing while minimizing the risks associated with this type of body modification. 

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