Is My Nipple Piercing Infected?

Is My Nipple Piercing Infected?

A nipple piercing can be a great option for anyone interested in a body modification or accessory that is just a little bit more ‘out there’. 

But whether you already have a nipple piercing or you’re considering getting one, it is worth being aware of the potential risks and knowing how to spot irritation or an infection before it becomes a problem.

A nipple piercing carries the same risks as other piercings and it is worth being aware of these before you get your piercing done. Ear piercings go through dense tissue unlike nipple –piercings which go through more sensitive skin. 

By contrast, a nipple piercing goes through skin that is connected to a system of ducts, and piercings in this area are in closer proximity to more complex biological structures within the breast tissue. For this reason, a nipple piercing carries will need careful aftercare to reduce any chances of risks and infections.

If you’re concerned about infected nipple piercing signs or you want to know how to treat an infected nipple piercing, read on to find out.

How Do You Know If Your Nipple Piercing Is Infected?

If you experience one or some of the following symptoms, it is possible that your piercing is infected and you should seek the advice of a piercing or medical professional:

  • The piercing is hot to touch
  • The pierced area is very sensitive or painful to the touch
  • There is green, yellow or brown discharge coming from the piercing area
  • There is swelling near the piercing site
  • There is a bad odor from the piercing site
  • You have a rash
  • You feel achy
  • You experience fatigue
  • You have a fever

It is also worth noting that a nipple piercing can still be irritated, red, sore and sensitive without being infected. If you are in any doubt, however, it is always best to speak to a professional.

What to Do If Your Nipple Piercing Is Infected

Some signs of an infection, such as pus or a bad odour, can make it easy to recognize whilst others make it harder to diagnose. For this reason, it is always best to get a second opinion from a piercer, which would recommend if a visit to the doctors would be necessary if it is indeed an infection. If you are concerned that you have an infection, it is important to treat it quickly, as an untreated infection can spread and cause further complications.

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How to Treat an Infected Nipple Piercing

If you do experience signs of an infection, it is important to act quickly. Do not remove the piercing or apply any ointments, creams or other substances as these can further irritate the infected area. If you do think you have an infection, there are a few things that you can do to prevent it from spreading:

  • Clean the area around the piercing using a skin-sensitive soap. Avoid using any ointments especially those containing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as they can further irritate the infected area
  • Use a saline solution
  • Don’t remove your jewelry unless advised to by a healthcare professional or an experienced piercing professional

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If you are concerned that you may have an infected nipple piercing and you’re in Newmarket, Ontario or the surrounding area, stop by for a chat with a member of our team who will be able to help you.

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