Where To Find Nose Jewelry Near Me

Where To Find Nose Jewelry Near Me

Part of the fun of piercing your nose is choosing the jewelry. Since everyone will see it, you want it to be beautiful and represent your style, but there is a lot more, you need to keep in mind when choosing your nose jewelry than just aesthetics.

You have to think about your piercing’s placement, the jewelry material, and the fit. Remember that a professional must measure your jewelry for a proper fit before changing it for the first time. After that, you can measure it yourself.

However, before you do that, there is some crucial information you need to know.

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Important Information Before You Measure

First, piercing your nose is something you want a professional with experience to do. Doing it yourself can cause infection, excessive bleeding, nerve damage, scarring, and misplacement. We can't stress the importance of hiring a professional piercing artist to do the job enough.

While consulting with your professional, tell them exactly where you want your piercing. If you aren't sure, your piercer can help you decide what will look best based on your facial features.

Size and Gauge

The next thing you need to know is the different sizes for nose jewelry stones. There are four main sizes: 1mm to 5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm to 3.5mm. Plus, there are four gauges (thickness) to consider:

  • 16 gauge or 1.3 millimetres
  • 18 gauge or 1 millimetre
  • 20 gauge or 0.8 millimetres
  • 22 gauge or 0.6 millimetres

The exciting thing about piercing your nose is that you can alternate between nose jewelry gauges. A nose piercing is the most adaptable piercing. A larger gauge will indeed stretch your piercing’s opening, but later, it should also shrink back to a smaller size.

That said, you should only go up or down one gauge at a time.

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Style, Brand, and Material

The next thing you want to consider is style. You can choose between a stud, bone, ring, screw, or an L-shaped nose ring. We have a wide variety of body jewelry right here in our shop from trusted brands.

We highly recommend gold options from Junipurr Jewelry, but some other brands look out for, including BVLA, Maria Tash, and Buddha Jewelry Organics.

Remember: Gold nose jewelry should be your first choice. However, make sure it is pure gold. Gold-plated jewelry can lead to an allergic reaction. Titanium is also excellent option.

How to Measure for Body Jewelry

When choosing jewelry online, you have many aspects to consider. Although your piercer will have a better idea of the perfect jewelry style for your nose and style of piercing, you should still know the process.

Here are the measurements you need to select your nose jewelry:

  • Post gauge
  • Post length
  • Wearable length
  • Hoop diameter
  • Nose skin thickness
  • Distance between the piercing and the end of your skin

There are two ways body jewelry stays in place: via threaded and non-threaded posts. Threaded jewelry has threads or grooves on the post where the end of the jewelry screws onto it. Threadless or press-fit body jewelry requires a custom fit to your nose and fits together by bending a pin to create pressure.

Remember that press-fit (threadless) nose jewelry is a better option than the threaded version as its clean-design tends to lead to fewer complications.

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How to Measure for Nose Studs

If you go with the standard, your nose jewelry will be 20 gauge. As mentioned, you can change the size later, but 20 gauge is usually where you’ll start. Your piercing professional will choose the most appropriate gauge for the size and shape of your nose.

Professional body piercers have the experience to know what will fit your nose and what won't. Be sure to choose a piercer that you can trust.

Note: The lower the gauge number, the thicker the nose jewelry.

Also, consider the length of your nose jewelry. That length is referred to as the wearable surface and is the part of the jewelry that stays inside the piercing. Nose piercing length typically runs about 6mm but can be as short as 5mm or as long as 7mm in length.

Ask your piercer what the proper length of the wearable surface of your jewelry should be. When choosing your next piece of nose jewelry, pay attention to the piece’s measurements, or bring a millimeter ruler to measure.

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The Right Way to Measure Your Post Length

When considering the length of your nose jewelry post, you have to measure your skin’s thickness. If the post is much longer than your skin is thick, it won’t sit snugly against your skin. Plus, a lengthy post could push too far inside your nose.

On the other hand, if the post isn’t long enough, it could be too short to fit your nose. The best way to handle this issue is to have your nose measured professionally.

Proper Measuring of Your Post Gauge

Post gauge refers to the width of the post that goes through your nose piercing. When you buy nose jewelry, the manufacturer will post the gauge on the jewelry packaging. That way, you always know what you're getting.

Ask your professional piercer which gauge is the best starter for your nose piercing. If you decide to change that gauge after your piercing heals, you can use your starter gauge as a metric.

All About Measuring Hoops

To measure a hoop correctly, you have to think about your piercing’s location so that it loops at the right place on your nose. In other words, the hoop won't be too high or too low. When measuring hoops, measure the length of the diameter between the hoop’s top and bottom.

The most common hoop sizes are 8mm and 10mm. Have your piercer measure the distance between your piercing’s two surface areas. This measurement will help him choose the right diameter for your nose hoop.

How Do You Know Your Nose Hoop Size?

The hoop size you choose depends on your style—you can choose whatever hoop size you want. However, since everyone's nose is different, not every hoop will look great on you. To select the best hoop size, consider your nose’s size and shape.

Do you have a large nose? If so, a larger hoop would fit your nose better. But if your nose is small, a large hoop may look awkward. You can even buy a custom bent hoop that fits exactly on your nose.

As mentioned, you want to consider the wearable surface, how low or high a hoop will sit on your nose and the thickness of the hoop itself. With so much nose jewelry available, trying various hoop sizes on your nose is a breeze. All you have to do is choose the one you like the best.

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What’s the Smallest Nose Ring You Can Get?

The smallest nose hoop you can get is a micro nose ring. These tiny, ornamental nose rings range from 1.5mm to 2.5mm. They usually include a gemstone and fit well in small noses. They are a great option for those who want to make a more subtle statement.

What Type of Nose Hoop is Best?

There are many different types of nose hoops to choose from, including:

  • Seamless segment
  • Captive bead
  • Closure
  • Horseshoe circular barbell

Most nose hoops have an open end on one side with a flat circle on the other. That part will sit inside your piercing. The best type of nose hoop for you depends on your nose’s shape and size and the piercing’s location. It also depends on your style and preference. Choose the one you like the best and change styles until you find one you love.

Looking for Nose Jewelry Near Me

Although deciding which nose jewelry you want is an important decision, you can always change your mind. Start by having a look at our collection. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all your body jewelry needs. That's why we carry not only nose jewelry but other body jewelry too.

Consider buying gold for your nose jewelry and stick to trusted brands. Again, Junipurr Jewelry is top of the line, but you can’t go wrong with BVLA, Maria Tash, or Buddha Jewelry Organics. Remember, it is best to have a professional piercer to measure your nose and your nose jewelry before making any purchases or changes.

If you want to know, "Where do I find nose piercing jewelry near me?" know that the best place online to get nose jewelry is right here at Pierced.co. If you want to shop in person, ask your piercing professional for help. We carry an excellent selection in our local shops as well.

Above all, have fun with your shopping. Choosing nose jewelry should be a grand adventure, not a task. Experiment with different jewelry and keep an open mind. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to the perfect jewelry for your unique nose.

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