Finding Nose Piercing Jewelry Near Me

Finding Nose Piercing Jewelry Near Me

If you’re thinking of piercing your nose, the next decision after placement is picking out body jewelry. There is a wide variety of types and sizes available, but you don't want to pick just any nose ring—you want jewelry that reflects your style.

When choosing the perfect body jewelry, you have some decisions to make. One of those decisions is where to place your piercing.

Nose Ring Piercing Placement

The nose ring placement you chose affects what nose jewelry you can wear. There are many locations on your nose that you can choose for your piercing. Those include:

Austin bar:
the tip of the nose
between the eyes
High nostril:
higher up from the nostril fold
multiple places on the nostril
through both nostrils and the septum
on the curve of the nose
below the tip of the nose and underneath the septum
on the thin tissue between the nostrils
Vertical tip or Rhino:
through the tip of the nose down to underneath the tip

Nose Piercing Jewelry Near Me

As you can see, there are several piercing placement options on your nose. Talk to a professional to see which placement will fit best with your nose's shape and size. The care regime involved is also an essential factor to keep in mind. Some nose piercing placements are easier to care for and heal faster than others.

What's the Best Kind of Nose Ring to Wear?

The best kind of nose ring to wear is one that fits your nose. As mentioned, the placement of your nose piercing also determines the best nose ring to wear. That said, be cautious of the type of material you choose for your body jewelry.

Gold is the best metal for nose jewelry, as long as it's pure. Gold-plated jewelry can cause an infection or trigger an allergic reaction. The last thing you want is an infection on your face. Stick to the best brands when selecting your nose jewelry. For instance, Junipurr Jewelry is a leading brand with a wide variety of nose ring styles. Other popular brands include BVLA, Maria Tash, and Buddha Jewelry Organics.

Nose Ring Styles

After your piercing, you'll need to keep starter jewelry in while it heals. Although you shouldn't switch jewelry until your piercing heals completely, you don't have to stay with that same style once it does.

You can choose from a wide range of jewelry styles. If you're shopping online for your favourite jewelry here at, you’re sure to find your preferred style—but you need to decide what is first.

Nostril Piercing Jewelry

You need to know a few things to pick an ideal jewelry style for your nose piercing:

Can You Get a Ring When You Get Your Nose Pierced?

The short answer is yes, but just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Having your nose pierced with a hoop is usually fine, but the piercing will heal with a slight angle. That's fine if you always plan to wear a hoop, but not if you want to switch to a stud.

A stud might not sit flush on your nose if the hole heals at an angle. On the other hand, if you choose a stud as your initial piercing and plan to wear a hoop later, talk to your piercer. They may want a slightly different angle for your piercing to accommodate hoop-style jewelry better.

Is It Better to Get a Nose Ring or Stud?

As mentioned, neither option is better than the other. It all depends on your preference. Your best bet is to discuss your plans with a professional. Our piercers are always happy to offer advice and care recommendations and even show you examples of the various jewelry types.

An experienced piercer will have a better idea about what will work with your nose and face shape.

Now that you have those critical answers, it's time to consider your future options for nose jewelry.


Nose ring hoops have a curve on one side and a flat disc on the other. You can either choose a seamless segment ring, captive bead, or closure ring. The most important thing about selecting a hoop is taking proper measurements. You want to be sure the hoop doesn't stick out too far from your nose. Plus, you need the hoop to have the right bend, so that it hangs correctly from your piercing. Have a professional measure you for your first hoop. That way, you will know the perfect size and gauge to choose when you go shopping. Hoops are best for septum piericng jewelry, nostril, and bridge piercings.


If you plan to get a nostril piercing, a labret is an excellent starter nose jewelry piece. These nose studs have a threadless end and backing to prevent your stud from falling out. Press-fit (threadless) is the best solution for body jewelry in general.

Since this is the most popular nose jewelry style, it also comes with the most extensive variety of options. Browse our collection for some beautiful nose jewelry in this category.

Nose bones have one decorative end and one bulbous end. The post between the two ends is typically six or seven millimetres. Again, having a professional measure for you is the best way to ensure the right fit. The great thing about nose bones is that once you push them through, the bulb prevents it from falling out.


L-shaped nose jewelry has the shape of a capital L. Although this shape is easy to insert, you can sometimes see it inside the nostril, which you may not like. On the other hand, the L-shape fits snug on the outside of your nose and comes in various sizes.

L-shaped nose jewelry is best for high nostril, multiple nostril, and nostril piercings.

Nose Screw

Nose screws go by many names, including nose studs, nose twisters, and nose hooks. They have a decoration on one end, a short post, and a small hook on the other end. The hook helps keep your nose jewelry in place.

At, when going with a nose stud, we always recommend threadless jewelry as the best solution.

Our Favourite Nose Piercing Jewelry

Choose Your Favorite Styles

Choosing your nose jewelry is exciting. Just remember that whatever you decide, you can change your mind later. Be sure to consult a professional for proper measurement before changing nose jewelry types to ensure a proper fit.

While shopping, keep your eye out for pure gold jewelry to potential adverse reactions and stick with the brands you know. Junipurr Jewelry is a favourite, but you can also consider BVLA, Maria Tash, or Buddha Jewelry Organics.

Remember, shopping for your nose jewelry should be fun. Try different styles until you find the one that speaks to you—and if you're asking yourself, "Where do I find nose piercing jewelry near me?" The answer is right here on Pierced. We offer a wide selection of professional-quality jewelry from trusted brands. After all, where better to buy nose jewelry than straight from a professional piercing shop?

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