The Complete Guide To Nose Piercing Jewelry

The Complete Guide To Nose Piercing Jewelry

Nose piercings are one of the most popular body modifications in the world. According to information, in the US, 19% of pierced women and 15% of pierced men have a nose piercing. The piercing carries a long and illustrious history and can add a bold flourish to any face.

There‘s no shortage of nose piercing jewelry. Nose jewelry ranges from studs to screws to rings. The best jewelry should fit your piercing comfortably while delivering the desired accent to your appearance. Here is your complete guide to finding the best nose piercing jewelry.

What is the best jewelry for a nose piercing?

No singular “best” jewelry exists. The best option for your nose piercing depends on your needs and aesthetics. You have an endless inventory at your disposal at, with variations in material, size, shape, color, and decoration.

Nose Piercing Jewelry

Titanium nose rings are among the most popular options, thanks to a striking appearance and scratch resistance. The material comes with long-lasting durability and a lightweight body, so it never feels unwieldy. Note that pure titanium isn’t biocompatible, so your nose ring should have an implant certified designation.

Gold nose rings and studs are staples of jewelry collections across the world. The timeless, hypoallergenic, and stylish material provides uncompromising lustre and sheen. If you don’t want to break the bank, consider copper jewelry as an alternative.

While selecting nose piercing jewelry is subjective, you should focus on some things when shopping. For instance, gold jewelry provides an incomparable class and durability. A gold nose ring or stud should be a go-to piece for any occasion.

You should also seek out threadless (press fit) jewelry. That’s because the screw doesn’t go through your piercing. The design lets you save time, as you no longer have to screw and unscrew nose piercing jewelry.

Avoid soft and brittle plastic and nylon parts. The same goes for sterling silver and plated metals, which can leave tarnish tattoos and potentially cause an allergic reaction. Talk with your local piercer if you have any doubts about the quality of a piece.

Is sterling silver bad for nose piercings?

While we’re hesitant to call sterling silver “bad,” it’s far from the ideal material for nose piercings. The alloy contains a mixture of elements, including silver, copper, and other metals. If you expose the sterling silver to the air for an extended time, it tarnishes, which creates a dull and blackened appearance.

The metal tarnishes at different speeds based on its environment. Keeping the sterling silver in a jewelry box will extend the metal’s usable lifespan. Putting it in contact with moisture, sunlight, makeup, and other materials only speeds up that reaction.

Nostril Piercing Jewelry

Some people do not wear sterling silver because it contains nickel. You’ll find various retailers marketing nickel-free products, which often have a higher resistance to tarnishing and a brighter white complexion. It’s worth noting that most jewellers include a trace amount of nickel if any at all.

Reputable piercers should not recommend using sterling silver for a nose piercing. The alloy can leave silvery marks on your skin and deposits inside your tissue. If the tissue heals with the grayish color still present, you have a permanent tarnish tattoo.

Our Favourite Nose Piercing Jewelry

Should I get a nose ring or a stud?

No hard and fast rules can determine whether you should get a nose ring or nose stud. It also depends on if you are talking about jewelry for a nostril piercing or looking for septum piercing jewelry. Much of the decision comes down to preference and style.

Can I use an earring as a nose ring?

We understand the temptation to use an earring as a nose ring. The pieces come in similar sizes and shapes, and repurposing one for the other might save you a couple of bucks. We urge you to resist that temptation.

Nose rings are for the nose. Earrings are for the ears. Swapping the two pieces interchangeably is bound to lead to discomfort. Most earrings contain a hook that you thread through the hole, and this can poke and irritate the opening if you apply it to your nose.

The small variations mean people will notice that your nose piercing jewelry belongs in your ear. Each piece of jewelry has a slightly different proportion. When you start wearing an earring as a nose ring, people can tell with a glance.

Differing gauge sizes can make it challenging to establish a proper fit. Placing a 12-gauge earring into an 18-gauge nose ring hole may tear the piercing. Making that transition alone would require stretching the piercing for at least two months. Variations in sizes can also increase your chances of soreness and infection.

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