What are the Least Painful Ear Piercings?

What are the Least Painful Ear Piercings?

Piercings come in all shapes and sizes, and applied to a very broad range of areas on the body. From traditional earlobe piercings, to daith and helix piercings, the possibilities are virtually endless.

But which ear piercings are more, or less, painful?

If you’ve been considering getting a piercing but are nervous or afraid about the location or the potential for pain, rest assured, ear piercings are some of the least painful types of piercings out there.

Below we’ve covered some of the least painful ear piercings that are great for those getting pierced for the first time, and also for those who have a real fear of pain and the piercing process.

Earlobe Piercings

Since the ear lobe is pretty “fleshy” with a lack of any hard tissue like cartilage, this piercing tends to be one of the lowest on the pain scale. Truth be told, you may feel a tiny sting as you are getting pierced, but that’s about all you’ll notice.

Pierced Newmarket - Ear Lobe Piercing

Another benefit to this type of piercing is that the healing time is usually quite fast, taking around six weeks to completely heal. And once the piercing is fully healed, feel free to switch out your jewelry as much and as often as you like.

Transverse Ear Lobe Piercings

This kind of piercing generally is reported as minimally painful by those on the receiving end of the needle, and is one of the more uncommon and interesting options available. A transverse lobe piercing is performed in a horizontal fashion through the earlobe, requiring the use of a long barbell to accomplish.

The barbell doesn’t touch the cartilage, but instead, only goes through the soft tissue part of the earlobe. Because of the manner in which the ear is pierced, your jewelry will sit horizontally. The process for the transverse piercing is quick, not too painful, unique, and stunning when the right jewelry is placed in the piercing.

Stretching Your Earlobe Piercings

Stretching your earlobe piercings, or lobe gauging, also ranks high in the list of the least painful earlobe piercings. Basically, this type of piercing involves stretching the skin of a piercing in small increments in order to eventually acquire a larger opening.

The goal of this option is to make your earlobes bigger in order to accommodate larger jewelry. The first step in this journey is to get a simple earlobe piercing by a professional piercer. Next, decide on a gauge that will be your perfect stopping point.

Stretched Lobe Piercing - Pierced Newmarket

You will be able to eventually wear the desired size of jewelry once the pierced hole is slowly stretched gently, and incrementally over time.

Tapers are placed in the piercing hole over time to increase the size of the opening. As with any kind of piercing, it’s imperative that you keep the area clean and free from infection. The best thing about this type of piercing is that you can go as large or as small as you desire. The sky’s the limit!

Daith Piercing

This piercing is steadily increasing in popularity. And even though it looks pretty painful, let it be known that it’s really not. Be aware that since this piercing goes through the innermost cartilage of the ear, three is “some” pain involved.

Another important thing to note is that Daith piercings often take quite a long time to heal – anywhere from three to six months. But, once healed, the jewelry choices for daith piercings are absolutely stunning.

Pierced Newmarket Daith Piercing and Other Ear Piercings


Helix Piercings

The helix piercing is a cartilage piercing that goes through the upper rim of the ear. Most individuals report that this type of piercing does hurt a bit, but overall, it’s not as painful as some of the other ear cartilage piercings out there.

The momentary pain you feel during the piercing generally goes away almost immediately after the job is done. Much like the daith piercing, this too has a long healing time of about three months.

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