Your Ultimate Guide to Tragus Piercings

Your Ultimate Guide to Tragus Piercings

Looking for an ear piercing that stands apart from the crowd? Tragus piercings may not share the same popularity as other cartilage ear piercings such as helix piercings. But just because the tragus has stayed out of the spotlight doesn’t make this unique piercing any less stylish. 

Interested in learning a bit more about this underrated piercing? We’ve put together a handy guide on everything tragus piercing related, from procedure and aftercare to healing times and jewelry options. 

What is a tragus piercing?

Your tragus is the little flap of cartilage over the front of your ear canal where your ear joins your head. A tragus piercing, therefore, is a piercing that goes through that half-moon shaped flap. 

Before getting your heart set on a tragus piercing, it’s important to note that tragus piercings are anatomy dependant. Though most people can get their tragus pierced without a problem, some people have a tragus that is too shallow or too thin to hold a piece of jewelry properly. Therefore, it’s best to consult with your piercer before getting your heart set on a tragus piercing. 

Do tragus piercings hurt?

We know cartilage piercings have a bad rep for being painful. However, the tragus is usually one of the easier cartilage piercings to get on the pain scale. This is because there are nerve endings in the tragus. So while you may experience a bit of discomfort while getting the tragus piercing.

Always bear in mind that a professional piercing shop using sharp, sterilized needles will also help assure your piercing is as painless as possible. Never trust a shop that uses piercing guns for tragus piercings. Piercing guns are impossible to sterilize properly and can cause severe damage to your cartilage. 

Tragus piercing aftercare

Cartilage piercings like the tragus piercing usually have longer healing times require a very diligent piercing aftercare regiment to assure they heal properly. 

First and foremost, never touch your piercing unless for cleaning and your hands should be thoroughly washed! Once your hands are fully clean, you will need to apply use an alcohol free soap and a saline spray daily. Our aftercare routine can be found here.

In addition to cleaning your piercing regularly, it’s important to avoid irritants such as hair or skin care products. You also want to avoid pulling or tugging on your jewelry. Be careful while styling your hair to make sure your hair doesn’t get snagged on your jewelry. 

For those who are big music buffs, you may also need to avoid using certain types of earphones, such as earbuds while your piercing heals. This can feel like a daunting task, but it really will help speed along the healing process and help ward off infection. It’s also a good idea to avoid sleeping on the side of your head with the fresh piercing as this can irritate the area and cause embedding and the migration of your new piercing. 

Tagus piercing healing times

Like most cartilage ear piercings, you’re looking at a hefty 4 to 6 months on average for your tragus piercing to fully heal. If you want to help assure your piercing heals as quickly as possible, be sure to stay on top of your aftercare. If you skimp on your aftercare you could drag out the healing process even longer, with some piercings taking up to a year to heal fully. 

Keeping your immune system strong will also help your body devote more of its energy toward healing your piercing. So try to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and avoid smoking if you can. 

Signs of an infected tragus piercing

You’re unlikely to get an infection if you follow the aftercare advice above, but it’s still important to know the signs of any potential danger just in case a problem arises. 

For the first week after getting pierced, it’s common to experience swelling, redness, irritation, a clear or white discharge. If these symptoms persist or seem excessive, however, you may want to check in with your piercer to err on the safe side. 

If you develop a fever or the skin around your piercing starts to feel hot to the touch, it’s best not to wait and contact your piercer immediately. 

Tragus piercing jewelry 

You’ll be limited to the jewelry chosen for the initial piercing until your piercing is fully healed…so be sure to choose your first piece of jewelry wisely! Once your piercing is healed, however, you’ll be free to change up your look to suit your mood with a variety of fun jewelry options. 

Most people opt for flat back jewelry or rings after the full healing process for tragus piercings, though you can go for a barbell as well if you feel like standing out from the crowd. 

When choosing your jewelry, you may want to keep in mind that larger pieces may get in the way when listening to music or talking on the phone. 

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